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Classes are designed to support awakening, self realization and embodiment through satsang, self inquiry, meditation, QnA and energetic transmissions.




*Special Summer Intensive 2017 *

Bridging Nonduality and Guide Communication
August 8,10,12,14,16,18th 2017
1-4pm HI /  4-7pm PT /  7-10pm ET

The following three part series will be offered this summer as one all inclusive summer intensive. Please join me in this ground breaking course that bridges guide communication and nonduality. Come expand your capacity to support your awakening, self realization and embodied integration.

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IMG_0944You as the Absolute are playing a glorious awakening game. The more refined manifestations of Yourself are available to Your human self as loving enlightened support as you play Your awakening game.

Come discover your true nature as you explore the enlightenment support that is always available.

Please join me as we explore and…..

  • discover your innate capacity to communication with Guides & Enlightened Beings
  • develop your personal awakening support team
  • free personal sensory perception as Pure Awareness
  • discover the fluid lenses of I AM as Everything and Nothing
  • recognize and respect appropriate boundaries within seamless Oneness
  • discover your Devic nature in relation to embodiment co-creative engagement
  • refine your innate capacity to fluidly be Everything, Nothing and a sweet human Being

Part One: Awakening Perception or Pure Awareness Beyond Perception
The first series focuses on cultivation of multidimensional communication. Pure awareness is not limited to your physical senses. Pure awareness beyond your physical senses is already innate. The intent of this class series is to cultivate your experiential awareness of what already is. This class offers detailed practical exercises to invite realization of pure awareness beyond your physical senses. and awaken your multidimensional perception.

Part Two: Developing Enlightened Relationships
The second series focuses on open communication with Guides, and Enlightened Beings with the intention of developing divine, reliable personal relationships with Beings that can effectively and intimately support your inner transformation, awakening and self-realization.

Part Three: Deepening Embodiment
The third series focuses on open communication with Devas with the intent of engaging this aspect of Self, and continuing self realization through embodied form or Shakti. This course will specifically address the nature of devic consciousness, including the inseparability and distinction from and with human consciousness. Engaging consciously with our Devic nature expands the scope of awakeness and joy, and enhances all aspects of living and our divine manifesting nature.

Summer Intensive 2017
Includes Part I, II & III
Self/No-Self in Divine Dialog: Nondual Guide Communication
August 8,10,12,14,16,18th 2017

1-4pm HI /  4-7pm PT /  7-10pm ET
Please email for in person participation. Space is limited, private home location.

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Here is a link to a more detailed explanation about nonduality and communication with nonphysical beings.

~I am excited to share in the mystery with you, to support multidimensional exploration and self realization, and to offer tools for your inner journey home. ~Kristin

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November Class Series 2017

After having taken many months off from regular teaching to integrate inner shifting, this series will be the first one in which Kristin shares the newer perspectives that are present. This four class series will have no agenda, each one arising spontaneously.

Registration opens this fall