Consciousness Tools for Multidimensional Awakening Class Series (spring – summer 2018)


Multidimensional Awakening:
Integrating the Multidimensional Mind, Heart and Body

This 3 Part Series spans four months and each 4 week class series can be purchased individually.

Part I: Awakening the Multidimensional Mind  (May 2018)
Part II: Awakening the Multidimensional Heart (July 2018)
Part III: Awakening the Multidimensional Body ( Aug 2018)

“As mysterious and unending as Awakening is, there are signposts and consistencies along the way.  Sharing from my direct experience, we will explore the signposts of awakening through the mental body, emotional heart body and physical body. I will share the consciousness tools for the integration and awakening of each that have been revealed consistently and reliably throughout my own journey. And, we will also explore the embodied functioning multidimensional nature of each and how that impacts and enhances daily living.

The unfolding is never ending, constantly varied, and yet the same tools can be applied to support multidimensional awakening every step of the way. This series is designed to give you tools for self discovery in your own multidimensional awakening through each of these aspects of being.

Each aspect, Mind, Heart and Body, have their own nature. And, although surrendering is consistent and simple, each aspect tends to let go more easily when met according to it’s nature. We will explore the similarities and differences of surrendering through each aspect along with the corresponding tools to aid in your multidimensional awakening and integration.

Please join me for this rich three part series beginning in May 2018. I look forward to sharing with you.”



Part I: Awakening the Multidimensional Mind (4 Tuesdays: May 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th 2018)

This 4 week live stream supports awakening, stillness of mind, multidimensional functioning and transcendent infinite mind.

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Part II: Awakening the Multidimensional Heart (4 Tuesdays: July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st 2018)

This 4 week live stream supports the integration of awakening through the emotional body and the cosmic body as well as supports meeting daily life emotional experiences with ease and grace.

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Part III: Awakening the Multidimensional Body (4 Tuesdays: August 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th 2018)

This 4 week live stream supports integration of awakeness through the physical body and larger more encompassing upper dimensional bodies as well as supports the transformation of the underpinnings of acute and chronic health issues.

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