Monthly Healing Sessions

– Live Video Stream  
– Conference Call
– Remote Access

Potent and affordable, these sessions support inner transformation and evolution at every growth edge whether tending to daily life, awakening, multidimensional integration, self realization, and embodiment. Whether you are participating in person, via phone, video or accessing remotely, the details of your soul’s perspective are seen and embraced in the healing field. Kristin is able to respond energetically to each person’s individual circumstance and soul needs amidst the larger collective.

~Please join Kristin for these powerful healing sessions.

Summer 2017:

September 30, 2017:
Special Sedona Conference Call/Remote/In person Healing
Cathedral Rock Healing

November 21, 2017:
Live Stream Healing



Regular Monthly Healing Sessions range from 90min to 2hr sessions ~ $35.00