Monthly Healing Sessions

– Live Video Stream  
– Conference Call
– Remote Access

Potent and affordable, these sessions support inner transformation and evolution at every growth edge whether tending to daily life, awakening, multidimensional integration, self-realization and embodiment. Whether you are participating in person, via phone, video or accessing remotely, the details of your soul’s perspective are seen and embraced in the healing field. Kristin is able to respond energetically to each person’s individual circumstance and soul needs amidst the larger collective.

– Live Video Stream
You will receive an email the day before the healing event with login instructions to join the live stream healing. Questions can be emailed during the live stream to Kristin will be in direct communication with your consciousness and respond specifically to your circumstance as well as address the nature of your question more globally.

– Conference Call
You will receive an email just prior to the healing event with call in instructions.

– Remote Access
Remote sessions are received through energetic transmission when other types of communication are not available. Remote sessions are usually offered in tandem with silent retreats since the healing container is so potent. Remote healing sessions are also offered from powerful healing locations where there is no cell phone or internet connection. If you are participating in a live stream or conference call and are unable to participate due to scheduling, location or time zone, you will be included remotely.

~Please join Kristin for these powerful healing sessions.
~Regular Monthly Healing Sessions range from 90min to 2hr sessions. ~ $35.00
~Sometimes Monthly Healing Sessions are replaced by a special healing and rates can vary.

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July 31st 2018 – *SPECIAL HEART* Live Stream Healing

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You are welcome to purchase Monthly Healing Video Archive which includes all previous sessions.
Individuals consistently report powerful experiences from viewing the recordings.

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