Consciousness Tools for Multidimensional Awakening Series ~ Part 1 – Awakening the Multidimensional Mind, Live Stream Series, May 2018


This is a part one of the “Consciousness Tools for Multidimensional Awakening” Series.

Supports awakening, stillness of mind and multidimensional functioning. Please read more about these series here.

4 Tuesdays: May 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th 2018

Live Streams time: 5-7 pm PT / 8pm-10 ET


The multidimensional function of the mind is the dreaming/storytelling unfolding workings of the universe. Opening through the multidimensional mind is opening to the larger totality of yourself and surrendering though any identity that you thought you were. Cessation, or the seeming ending of self is just a game in the universe of infinite play. So this series opens you to not only everything and nothing, but the gorgeous detail of being a precious human, divine expression, and stunning gorgeous story unfolding in the truth of being. Please join me in the first of this three part series of Multidimensional Awakening.