Summer Intensive 2017 Live Stream Participant

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Self/No-Self in Divine Dialog: Bridging Guide Communication and Nonduality

August 8,10,12,14,16,18th 2017
1-4pm HI /  4-7pm PT /  7-10pm ET



The Absolute is in infinite play, in a masquerade and awakening game. The more refined manifestations of Self/No-Self masquerading as God-Consciousness, Christ-consciousness, Buddha nature, Masters, Angels, Guides and Devas are individuated expressions of singular Absolute Self/No Self that guide the same singular Absolute Self/No Self masquerading as the evolving human being through manifestation back to infinite Absolute nature. Multidimensional communication can be a profound gift toward self realization.

We will address the following aspects with the sole purpose of supporting awakening, self realization and embodied integration.

  • freeing personal sensory perception as pure awareness
  • discovering the fluid lenses of I AM as multidimensional awareness
  • recognizing boundaries within seamless Oneness
  • tending to the paradoxical relative needs of safety/protection and simultaneously being impenetrable truth
  • fine tuning awareness of simultaneous nonexistence, singular I AM and the multiplicity in which I AM manifests, expresses and experiences itself
  • developing communication and relationships with Guides & Enlightened Beings ~to support awakening, self realization and daily life integration
  • developing communication and relationships with Devas ~to support deepened embodiment and surrendered divine co-creative engagement

Here is a link to a more detailed explanation about nonduality and communication with nonphysical beings. And, the Part One, Two and Three links below offer more detail about the three parts of the series.

~I am excited to share in the mystery with you, to support multidimensional exploration and self realization, and to offer tools for your inner journey home. ~Kristin