Kauai Retreat

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Mar 18th – 24th, 2018

7 Day Silent Retreat in Kauai in a beautiful home with Kristin.
Live Stream Retreat & Remote Healing participation are available.

 As we deepen in truth, awakened embodiment expands to embrace more and more of the magnificence of Being and includes the micro and macro inseparably. A subtler more refined awareness arises and the experience of awake presence in/as the body begins to inseparably include cosmic and atomic detail. This literally changes the functioning of the body and awakeness embodiment takes on a whole new meaning. Please come join me in this week of silence, transmission and satsang to support the continual opening, grounded and integration of this mystery of embodying awakeness.

Kristin is delighted to share in the magnificence of this deepening mystery and to support your embodiment integration unfolding.

Limited to 12 in person participants.

You are warmly invited to join either In Person or via Live Video Stream into the transformational healing fields of  this Deepening Embodiment retreat.

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We will gather for a week in a beautiful home in the North shore of Kauai for a week of silence, satsang, healing, transmissions and meditation. After the retreat closing we will spend the afternoon in ocean bliss at the beach before the airport drop off. All meals will be organic with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. There is a jacuzzi is on the premises.

Mar 18th, 2018 3:30 airport pick up
Mar 24th, 2018 8:00 pm airport drop off

Registration after August 15th
Cash/ check payment   ~$2765
Paypal payment ~$2875

Kauai House Retreat Payment

Registration after Nov 1st
Cash/ check payment   ~$2865
Paypal payment ~$2985

Kauai House Retreat After Nov 1

Work Trade Available.

Live Video Stream ~ Join the Kauai “Deepening Embodiment” Retreat from wherever you are.

Live Stream Participation and Remote Healing Retreat Immersion Combined

Whether you are interested in just the remote healing or participating in the live stream, you are welcome to join from wherever you are. Questions can be emailed and addressed during satsang. You will be included in all group healings, and immersed in the transformational healing field throughout the entirely of the retreat.

Remote Healing Mar 18th – 24th
Live Stream Mar 19th – 23rd
Cash/check payment $885
Paypal payment $925

Remote Healing & Live Stream