Special Events

Kristin will be offering satsang and healing sessions at the following venues.
*Note: Please see Retreats for corresponding Sedona, Kauai and CA retreats.

Kristin Kirk

Kauai, HI
~ Free Satsang – 8/5/2017
~ Kauai House Retreat – 3/18-24/2018
~ Polihale Camping Retreat – 4/22-27/2018

Sedona, AZ
~ Sedona Library- Satsang – 9/29/2017
~ Cathedral Rock – Healing – 9/30/2017
~ 6 day Sedona Retreat – 10/1/2017 – 10/6/2017
~ 6 day Remote Healing –
10/1 /2017 – 10/6/2017

California, Bay Area
~ Science and Nonduality Conference, San Jose ~ 10/18-22/2017
~ Open Circle- San Rafael~ Satsang 10/24/2107
~ Open Circle- Berkeley ~ Day long Retreat & Healing 10/28/2107
~ Berkeley ~ Remote Healing 10/28/2017 at 3:30



Kauai, HI 2017
~ Free Satsang Live Stream8/5/2017
If you would like to come in person please email kristin@kristinkirk.com.
Free Satsang Live Stream


Sedona, Arizona ~ Special Events 2017

~ Satsang and Healing,
Fri. evening, 7-9pm, 9/29/2017
Location: Public Library
sedona sunburst - Copy$20-25 suggested donation at door

~ Cathedral Rock – Healing
Sat. 9/30/2017
Healing session in person at the TOP and via conference call. (Details emailed with registration)
Cathedral Rock Healing Event

~ 6 day Sedona Retreat
Sun. 10/1 through Friday 10/6/2017
Full 6 Day Sedona Retreat

~ 6 day Remote Healing
Sun. 10/1 through Friday 10/6/2017
6 Day Remote Healing
Paypal Payments ~ $735


California, Open Circle Bay Area~ Special Events 2017

~ Satsang –Oct. 24th, 2017
Fallkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael
Tues. 7-8:45pm 10/25

~ Berkeley Daylong Retreat – Oct. 28th, 2017
Chochmat Halev, Berkeley
Sat.11-5pm (bring your own lunch)
$105-$65 sliding scale, payment at door
(work study available, no one turned away)
Note * If you are unable to come for the full day, you are welcome to come for just the group healing if space allows. Group healing is from 3:15 to 5pm.
Daylong Retreat & Healing

~ Berkeley Remote Healing – Oct. 28, 2017
Sat. 3:30 pm
Berkeley Healing

SAND 2017 The Emerging Universe
“Revolution Within: Emergence of the Universe Inside”
Kristin Kirk Presentation
11:00am – 11:40am, Oct 22
San Martin Room

The inner and outer universes are eventually discovered to indivisibly contain each other. As the external macrocosm is discovered internally, the inner living room expands and includes all beings, realms, deities, gods and galaxies. As the internal microcosm is discovered externally, the inner minutia is seen in full display externally. All this inner and outer magnificent wondrousness arises inseparably from each other and inseparably as Absolute Nothing.

In real practical terms we will explore the literal truth of this through energetic anatomy and stages of awakening. We will explore the revolutionary and dramatic impact this realization has on personal relationships and“normal” daily life functioning. We will explore living the paradoxical seamlessness of simultaneous boundaries and oneness in relation to awakening, integration, healthy relationships and multidimensional anatomical function. We will explore ways to support sustained nondual awareness amidst the potential temptation to identify with a “bigger and better” divine cosmic Self


All links below are 2016 !!

Science and Nonduality Conference “2016”
Presentation: Embodied Bliss:Living The Unknown ~Sunday Oct 23rd @ 2pm
Spiritual seekers often desire the idea of living a blissfully awakened and embodied life. Living the Unknown is the tandem requirement. This means each radiant embodied step fully resides in Absolute not knowing.We will discuss the initial need for Trust, the subsequent falling away of Trust, and the return of embodied Trust. We will explore the embodied presence of living the unknown. To live Divine Embodiment one must walk the Unknown. To walk the Unknown, one must surrender fully into embodied being and nothing inseparably. They are synonymous. You are the living expression of this Truth.


Open Circle
“Integrating Bliss with Life”
How does one transcend and integrate without ‘spiritual bypassing’? We will begin with Tuesday evenings exploration of the bliss of living nondual truth, and the nature of transcendence, integration and spiritual bypass. We will deepen this exploration in a full day retreat on Saturday ending with a group healing in the afternoon.
Open Circle – Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael
Tues. 7-8:45pm 10/25
Donations at door

Berkeley – Daylong Retreat
Chochmat Halev, Berkeley
Sat.11-5pm (bring your own lunch)
$105-$65 sliding scale, payment at door
(work study available, no one turned away)
Berkeley – Daylong Retreat – Healing Session Only
3:15 arrival 3:30- 5pm

Note * If you are unable to come for the full day, you are welcome to come for just the group healing if space allows.
($35 ~ payment at the door)

Contact  host@eastbayopencircle.org