$15 Monthly Membership

Unlimited Live Stream Healing Library Access

Enjoy unlimited 24/7 access to the extensive library of Monthly Live Stream Healings. This bounty of streaming healing session access contains over 70 hours of potent, teaching and powerful transmissions. It is available for the duration of your membership. Individuals continually report experiencing profound benefit from watching and re-watching these recordings. This extensive healing library is continually expanding as new recordings are added.

Real Time 24/7 Light Stream Bath

Join the Light List and receive a continuous 24/7 love and light infusion for the entire month. Your name is added to a list that is continuously bathed and held in a healing balm and infused with unconditional love, light and abundance from my heart, the universe. and my multidimensional healing team. This sustained gentle support bathes you in the field of unconditional love and light soothing your soul and day to day moments while amplifying access to your true nature, helping you heal and remember who you are.

Memberships begin once you sign up and are billed on the first of every month. If you join in the middle of the month you ill be added for the rest of the month and then billed automatically at the start of the calendar month. Cancel at anytime without penalty, and you will be included until the end of month of your last billing cycle.