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Love Infusion

Special Monthly Live
Stream Healing

Transform in the power of love
and heal the wounds of the heart


Kristin Kirk ~ Healer and spiritual teacher

2hr Live Stream from Hawaii
Feb 13th ~ 10am HI / 12pm PST / 3pm EST
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Join me for this powerful Love Infusion Healing to
heal the wounds of the heart and barriers to love

We are love incarnate. We are the living embodiment of Love. Let us join together on this powerful Valentine's Day weekend to meet the wounds of the heart and our blocks to love, to return them to their natural state of Infinite Love.

We’ll share an inner-journey through our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to heal our wounds around love and lovability and dissolve blocks to giving and receiving love with our Infinite Source Love already within.

Combine the brilliance and Love from your Enlightened Self with the powerful transformational support of Kristin, the healing Guides and magnification of Love from all souls present to dissolve your outdated pain patterns around love.

Together we will soothe, release and transform feelings of not enough, abandonment, betrayal, lack of self worth, lost love, unlovability, entanglement, and brokenness to name a few. Come heal, awaken and remember your Infinite wholeness and embody the Pure Loving Radiance you already ARE.

Bask in Love, remember your True Nature and allow lost love to return to your natural state of Living Embodied Love. During this powerful online healing and transmission, Kristin will support you transform your soul's deepest emotional wounds and help you stabilize your awakened embodiment presence as Love.

Join us this Valentine's Day weekend to heal, and to embody your inner bliss and innate Infinite Love within.  Join us on this potent celebration of love, heal the wounds, transform the old pain cycles, receive your enlightened unconditional love and walk radiantly in embodied Love.

Join this potentially Life-Changing Live Healing event to:

  • Transform in the Power of Love
  • Bask in the inner loving embrace of Unconditional Love
  • Let your love radiate and heal from the inside out
  • Free yourself from wounded love cycles
  • Restore heartache and longing to Infinite Wholeness
  • Experience & Embody the Infinite Love Light of your True Nature
  • Feel the Absolute Freedom within the Endless Field of Love
  • Remember the bliss of being Love itself

2hr Live Stream from Hawaii
Feb 13th ~ 10am HI / 12pm PST / 3pm EST
By Donation


“Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.”

Rick Archer ~ Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

"My whole body (multidimensional body) feels like one big smile flooded with golden light."

- John R.

"Oh my gosh- that was the most amazing experience today. I’ve never had such a powerful experience. So much light and expansion throughout!"

- Judy K.

"Fabulous session, so physically and spiritually transformational, spectacular!"

- Douglas K.

"The Light I felt pouring in was exquisite and more powerful than anything I have experienced before. And yet at the same time it was so gentle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Marie B.

“That was beyond wonderful!! So much light!”

- Matt D.

“That was spectacular! Thank you.”

- Nancy B.

About Kristin

Photo of Kristin Kirk ~ an international healer and teacher

Kristin is an international healer and teacher who embodies and illuminates the inseparable union of awakening, multidimensional embodiment, transformational healing and self-realization. She offers extraordinary support for your awakening process by sharing her rare gift of multidimensional lucidity to guide, support and harmonize consciousness transformation.

Kristin’s authenticity and heart centered presence reside in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition. With contagious inspiration and enthusiasm, she articulates the ineffable and emanates a powerful healing transmission to illuminate and transform your inner reality.

Kristin’s awakening in 2003 revealed profound healing gifts and an unusually refined awareness of subtle inner workings of consciousness. In loving compassionate engagement, she meets your mind, heart and soul through your multidimensional nature and unfolding stages of awakening, integration and self-realization.

Kristin offers online and in person awakening embodiment training programs, retreats, live stream events, and healing sessions internationally to support and facilitate embodied awakening, self-realization, personal transformation and multidimensional lucidity for individuals, groups and organizations.  She is currently writing two books.


2hr Live Stream from Hawaii
Feb 13th ~ 10am HI / 12pm PST / 3pm EST
By Donation