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Free Introductory Q&A

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I have experienced many ‘awakening’ webinars and Kristin’s live streams are by far the most impactful.
David S. ~ Investment Banker

Coming to class is exquisite. I remember who I am. It feels like coming home. Your classes changed my life.
Monica M. ~ Educator

“I look forward to meeting you in the soul classroom.”
~ Kristin

Kristin Kirk is an internationally known spiritual teacher and multidimensional healer bridging nondual, awakening and lucid clairsentience. Kristin’s awakening revealed profound healing gifts and an unusually refined awareness of subtle inner workings of consciousness. Residing in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition, Kristin supports personal transformation, embodied awakening and self-realization through retreats, live stream events and healing sessions for individuals, groups and organizations and is currently writing a number of books.