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LIVE Transmission:

Ascension Accelerator

Access your enlightened self & transform deep-rooted blocks, wounds and karma into Light.

Bonus FREE Soul Clearing Transmission & Replay of Live Event

With Kristin Kirk
~ 20 years expertise ~

“We are living in extraordinary times that call on us into an extraordinary acceleration of awakening to embody our exquisite and powerful FULL presence here on earth now.”

– Kristin Kirk

LIVE Transmission on Dec 9th, 2023
2- 3:30 pm Hawaii Time/ 4-5:30 pm PST/ 7-8:30 pm EST

Please join me for this LIVE Soul Transmission to experience:

  • How to accelerate your embodied ascension without years of meditating

  • Methods to activate your light body structures

  • The keys to bypassing the mind to access your enlightened self

  • The process to transform karma into light

  • A full LIVE Ascension Accelerator Transmission

  •  An introduction to the Enlightenment Blueprint Transmissions

  • Receive Replay of LIVE event & Bonus Soul Clearing Transmission

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About Kristin Kirk

Kristin experienced her first shift in consciousness in 1991 when her sense of “I Am” shifted and she began communicating with plants, animals and spirit guides, while maintaining her full time Shiatsu massage therapy practice.

During a private session in 2003 Kristin began seeing highly detailed imagery along with vast spiritual insight rising out of her client’s bodies, and discovered the capacity to transform old stories and emotional wounds from people’s bodies, psyches and souls back into joy and wholeness.

Dissolving story and identity together in Oneness, her consciousness transformed along with those she served and expanded into healing soulscapes, collective and global landscapes and beyond into galactic and multiverse reality creation.

She has presented multiple times on Buddha at the Gas Pump and The Science and Nonduality Conference in addition to A Magnificent New Normal and Beyond the Ordinary Show and many more.

‍Kristin is available to individuals and groups to support rapid and radical spiritual evolution, transformation and healing. She is currently writing a number of books and welcomes invitations for speaking engagements.


Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.
— Rick Archer – host of “Buddha at the Gas Pump”

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