Camping Supply List

PLEASE pack extremely efficiently/minimally, there is little to no storage at Polihale. Things may be left in the rental car which is locked but not always attended to and can get very hot in the sun.
Valuables are brought at your own risk.

waterproof quality healthy strong tentIMG_0800
extra rope to tie your tent to rocks for potential higher wind, or for extra shade
plastic for underneath your tent
sleeping bag
sleeping mat
good headlamps, one or two (extra batteries) (waterproof if possible but not necessary) or flashlight
bathing suit
sunblock, sunblock, sunblock
towels ( sarongs are great towels)
warm clothes for cool nights
water bottle
Your own camping mug, bowl, plate and utensils
light weight rain gear
beach foot wear
comfortable sneakers/hiking foot wear ( depending on where we go for the 3 additional days )
mosquito spray (mostly for additional 3 days)
personal favorite first aide/health herbal care remedies
light weight journal, pen
any personal pocket sacred alter items you wish to carry to soak up Kauai magic
meditation cushion?