Special Offer ~ Embodying the Illuminated Self ~ November 2019

This series is a 9 powerful hours of catalyzing guidance and enlightening transmissions to facilitate the embodiment of your highest frequencies through all the layers of your consciousness grounded in body, here on earth now.

Our illuminated self or higher frequencies, are literally the love light frequency sounds, songs and singing of this Divine Mystery of Being. We are the cosmic symphony. As we embody our unique higher self our earthy vessel and consciousness vibrates a clearer purer tone, we harmonize our lives, our relationships, our bodies enlighten and our capacity to awaken increases. In this embodied harmonizing we transform ourselves, the collective, our co-created reality and our beloved planet earth.

Below is a video playlist that will guide you through the series. I suggest you to watch these videos sequentially from the first to the last one.

~Aloha and blessings, Kristin

~ Embodying the Illuminated Self ~ SESSION 1
~ Embodying the Illuminated Self ~ SESSION 1

Please share this series with others! We can turn the tides and illuminate human consciousness from the inside out and transform shadows to light and Illuminate 2020.

Here is the link to share: https://kristinkirk.com/product/embodying-the-illuminated-self-nov-2019/

Special Offer ~ Sedona Retreat ~ October 2019 (23 hours!)

Aloha and Thank you for joining A Magnificent New Normal!

Please enjoy this powerful retreat for 12 weeks. It includes 23 hours of riveting satsang, healing transmissions, participant dialog and meditation.

This stunning retreat offers multiple extremely high light frequency transmissions aimed at supporting your integration and embodiment at the highest frequencies possible. Recorded in Sedona Arizona in Oct of 2019, Kristin experienced a dramatic shift in her own consciousness during one of the transmissions. The energetic signature of this transition and frequency of embodied realization is present in the recording and available to attune to within your own awakening self realization.

If you would enjoy additional recordings please explore the Video Library. This video series, normally $365, was specifically chosen to support your discovering and living your Magnificent New Normal ! We are in this magnificent journey together, and as we each shine our inner radiance more brightly we support others to do the same. Please share this amazing 40 day program to help us all stabilize our Magnificent New Normal !

With Love,

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Length: 23 hours!

October 7th ~ Morning Session
October 7th ~ Morning Session


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