Eden Elixir

Not knowing why I was called into co-creative alchemy, each step appeared one after another to ultimately birth Eden Elixir, a healing frequency tincture that has come to support the advancement of human evolution and in tandem, support my writing books. Two weeks after the making, I discovered the 24 hour infusion was on the Wesak Full Moon which is astrologically the day of Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment and the exact timing of this powerful blue moon in Kauai was 11:11am. Details of the energies infused within the elixir are below.

4% of donations raised from Eden Elixir for book writing will be donated to clean water restoration projects per request of the Ulu tree that helped co-create this energy medicine.

Eden Elixir is an energetic infusion essence to be taken by placing a few drops under the tongue before meditation.

Infused in Kauai Hawaii, during a 24 hr period surrounding the May 19th 2019 Wesak Scorpio full blue moon, with the Ulu tree in bloom, rainbow sapphires, New Lemurian frequency crystals ( from the same Brazilian crystal pod shared with His Holiness the Dali Lama ), in a sacred magical Kauai garden with flowing waterfalls and Kristin’s transformational healing transmission.

This essence is to restore divine human templates in harmony with ever changing evolutionary leaps and cycles.

The wisdom of the Ulu tree shares the knowledge of our parallel, shared and interwoven origin and evolving DNA blueprints

The rainbow sapphires share the radiant full spectrum wisdom of the stunning diversity of Oneness

The new Lemurian crystals emanate wisdom to support our harmony with and embodiment of the incoming high frequency crystalline consciousness for humanity through our physical, energetic and consciousness structures.

The magical garden infuses earth abundance, infinite love and a welcoming home to your highest Self here on earth.

The waterfall infuses easy, playful and efficient, Divinely aligned joyous engaged action through completion.

Kauai infuses Divine Mystery and Kristin infuses collaborative integrative synergy to support your highest evolution.

The Wesak Scorpio full blue moon became exact at 11:11am in Kauai illuminating transformational energies through the unconscious through day and night. It is reported that Wesak moon is the alignment in which Buddha was born, died and became enlightened.