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Transform wounds into Radiance

Are you ready to Receive, Heal and Transform in the powerful brilliance of your enlightened self?

Join me for our next Live Monthly Healing

We meet once a month through live stream offering a potent and transformative
90 minute transmission immersion and teaching. (posted monthly)

Live Soul Classroom Healing
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You are warmly invited …

~ Come open your heart and bask in your enlightened self while your pain and suffering transform to enlivened wholeness, freedom and joy.

~ Healing sessions create the alchemy that simultaneously facilitates easier access to experiencing your enlightened nature, and transforms your personal and collective conditioning, soul patterns and wounds of many lifetimes at once.

~ Whether we are awake or not, there can be persistent and painful patterns of old ways that sneak up out of nowhere… or run quietly in the empty or busy background and can take over our experience completely.

At times in our lives we can feel so broken, so lost, so wounded. Even though it has been our soul’s exploration and journey home, we can suffer so much that we not only have unresolved experiences shaping and limiting our joy but we can forget who and what we are.

If your answer is yes, please join me for these extraordinary healing sessions where we gather with a multitude of Guides and meet your deepest wounds and desires in an enlightening embrace that amplifies and accelerates your healing, transformation and self discovery.

You are warmly invited to remember your infinite magnificence inside and discover what is possible. Dive into the evolutionary transformational healing field of your enlightened self and infinite possibility with me each month for a powerful live stream healing.


“Kristin’s transformative healing can facilitate profound shifts in consciousness.”

— S.N

“Words cannot explain the deep shifts I’ve experienced.”

— Linda M

“What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin is she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo.”

— Andrew

“Wow! Wow! Wow! That was amazing!”

— David S

Healing sessions with Kristin:

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Live Soul Classroom Healing
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Next LIVE event date TBA

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