Private Temple Healing

This Monthly Healing Offering is an experiment.

~You are invited to join by donation.~


May your path result in Nothing, and be guided by those who followed the inner beckoning call.
May your path result in Nothing, and be guided by those who walked before you, following the beckoning call within.

This gorgeous private temple (no photos) has photographic images of many enlightened being along the walls. When I treat myself to a visit, I stand in front of each precious realized being and commune. It is a blessing and delight to rest in the radiance of sameness and uniqueness simultaneously.  The uniqueness of each being is the lens in which The Absolute radiates. My experience in this sojourn is of receiving darshan with each magnificent being. Some of the images are of Ramana, Nisargadatta, Anandamayi, Papaji and others.

The experiment is to take you with me in the adventure. This will not be on the phone, but purely remotely. This 90 min session will include a healing but will also include the consciousness of those beings depicted on the walls in their own way as is divinely inspired.

Usually healing sessions are $35 for 90 min. You are welcome to participate at any level of payment/donation. I wanted to make this accessible to everyone.


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