Healing, Awakening & Soul Evolution with Kristin Kirk

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Live Stream Healing ~ 50% off
We gather together in the soul classroom to transform at the cutting edge of your soul’s growth, integrate the highest possible frequency of your True Nature. Through a powerful multidimensional transmission you heal and transform your emotional and mental wounds, limited perspectives, unconscious imprints and patterns of pain and separation.


“Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.”
Rick Archer host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

“Coming to class is exquisite. Your classes changed my life.”
Monica M. ~ Educator

“I have experienced many ‘awakening’ webinars and Kristin’s live streams are by far the most impactful.”
David S. ~ Investment Banker


“I look forward to meeting you in the soul classroom.”


Kristin Kirk is an international spiritual teacher and healer bridging nondual embodied awakening and multidimensional healing. Her heart-centered acuity and 17 years of healing and teaching arise from direct realization independent of any spiritual tradition. In 2003, her awakening unveiled profound healing gifts and an exceptionally refined awareness of subtle realities and inner workings of consciousness. With contagious inspiration and enthusiasm, Kristin articulates the ineffable while emanating a powerful transformative and illuminating transmission. Kristin is available to support personal transformation, multidimensional lucidity, embodied awakening, and self-realization through in person and online retreats, live stream healing events, embodied awakening training programs, and healing sessions for individuals, groups and organizations and is currently writing two books. Her most viewed interview and panel discussions on Buddha at The Gas Pump, additional interviews, numerous presentations at the Science and Nonduality conference, upcoming live events, trainings and video library are listed at kristinkirk.com