Mystery of Now ~ 6 day camping retreat 2017

Orientation 3/19IMG_8112
Polihale Silent Retreat 3/20-3/24
Additional Sacred Journey 3/24-3/26

*Remote Healing Immersion Options*


Polihale Silent Retreat

Please join Kristin in this intimate life changing retreat. Arising and disappearance are simultaneous in the Mystery of Now.  Come dive into the Mysterious Truth of your Being.  The combination of fierceness and grace that this magical land offers along with Kristin’s depth of loving compassionate wisdom, together create a potent tranformational container for awakening and self realization.

We will camp on the beach. The sound of ocean waves crashing replace your thoughts. The sun and breezes soften and melt resistances. Suffering sinks into healing pristine sand. Tides come and go, rhythmically purifying your being. We will meditate in the morning at the edge of the deep blue ocean while the sun rises over the mountains. We will share satsang in the shade during the day. And we will sleep with ocean waves through our dreams.

IMG_0800Polihale is remote. There will be no cell reception, no nearby stores, no hot water, no electricity. The access road requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle. There are outdoor cold showers and bathrooms. The weather can be unpredictable from weeks of gorgeous tropical sun and lovely breezes to occasional mild rains to high velocity winds and torrential downpours. Bring a dependable dry reliable tent. Polihale can be wild, but it is stunning and PROFOUNDLY worth it.

Simple nutritious organic food, bottled spring water, gluten free vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Immersion into this powerful astounding land supports the inner process of awakening and the the deepening of self realization and multidimensional perception/experience. This retreat is only open to 8 people to enhance the intimacy and potency of the journey. Please join me for this life changing experience. Available to 8 participants only.

Sacred Journey

Extend your retreat for an even more intimate sacred excursion around the island for healing from consecrated temples, sacred caves, healing heious and magical island sanctuaries. Discover the mystery everywhere. We will relocate our camp and visit 3-5 sacred sites for healing sessions and deep communion with Kauai. This extension is available to 6 participants only.

Remote Healing Immersion Experience

Special Discount Remote Invitation on 8 Days thru this Sunday!
8 Day, 3 Day and Single Day Remote Healing Options

IMG_0804~You are warmly invited to join Kristin in this intimate life changing retreat.
~Silent retreat limited to 8. ~Sacred Journey limited to 6.


5 night Retreat costs: Earlybird $1,985 Regular $2,245
Limited to 8 participants.20160414_072829_resized
Includes transportation to and from airport. ( 2 hr drive from airport depending on traffic)
Deposit:$500 to hold your spot
Second Payment (Due Feb 1st)
Final Payment (Due March 1st)
Payment link for 5 nights /6 days

5 night/6 day Polihale Silent Retreat Only Payment Link

Deposit Payment Second Payment Final Payment

*The early bird rate for the Polihale Retreat has been extended for those wanting to include Additional 2 nights/ 3 days $1,200
Limited to 6 participants.
Early Bird Rate Extension for Polihale Silent Retreat plus Sacred Journey

Remote Healing Immersion Experience ~ available for the duration of retreat


MAR 19th Arrival and PICK UP
1pm airport pick up, grocery stop for any personal items
4pm arrival camp set up,
6pm dinner and social
Most days loose schedule
7:00am-8am optional morning meditation at shore line
8:00- 9:00 am breakfast
9:00-11:00 satsang, meditation, group healing, QnA
12:00-1:00pm lunch
2:00-4:00pm satsang, meditation, group healing, QnA
5:30-6:30pm dinner,
1pm airport ride from Polihale leaves at 1pm (estimated 90 min to airport depending on traffic)

Camping Supply List

Sacred Journey Schedule

You may either be dropped off at the airport on Friday at 1pm after the silent Polihale retreat or continue on to sacred adventures throughout the island. We will travel to 3 – 5 locations for healing sessions and union with Kauai’s magical nature. We will commune with caves, forests, heiau’s and temples in a deeply reverent and transformative way. The locations are not pre-determined. Kauai is very clear in guiding and we will wait until the end of the 5 night retreat to see where the calling takes us. The size limit allows for greater one on one contact and increased options of sacred sites.

Airport drop off  March 26th evening 6pm

Remote Healing Schedule

Varies depending on which option you choose. Remote healing sessions begin once you register and are held in a healing container. A healing container is formed for the duration of the retreat that is specific to you. This container is formed of my consciousness, your (participants) consciousness, devic consciousness and the consciousness of the healing guides. This container is both the energetic chalice for your transformation as well as the catalyst. Each individual is held within this transformative chalice with a healing plan unique to your souls desired growth. This chalice continues to form as individuals join. This is one of the reasons that individuals often report that they feel healing begin upon signing up. They have entered the healing chalice already.

Remote Healing Immersion Experience