Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy varies depending on the event.

Healing Sessions

-Monthly Healing Live Stream Conference call ~ Full refund until 24 hrs prior to event. Balance not transferable.(minus $5 processing fee)
-Individual sessions ~Full refund until 48hrs prior to session. Balance not transferable. (minus $5 processing fee)
-Series sessions ~ Full refund until 2 weeks prior to first meeting. 50% refund 1 week prior. Balance not transferable.(minus $5 processing fee)


-All Classes ~ Full refund until 72hrs prior to first class. Balance transferable. (minus $15 processing fee)


-Week long retreats ~ Full refund until 6 weeks prior to the event. 50% refund up to one month prior. Balance may or may not be transferable depending on the retreat.  (minus a $500 non refundable deposit)

*Note Processing fees and amount of notice required directly relate to managing changes. Thank you for your understanding. Mahalo.