Advanced AlcheME Mini Series: Integrating Now

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Feb 17th, Feb 24th, Mar 3rd and Mar 10th (5–7:30PM Pacific/8–10:30 Eastern Time)

The inner/outer transformational energies are accelerating on all levels and it is intense! Can you feel it? Wow!

I would love to offer you exponential support through these transformational coming few weeks so I came up with a mini series to give you an easy boost.

Here is a 4 session mini-series that will dovetail with the continual harmonizing of our enlightened self along with the the powerful new frequencies that are pouring in,...adamantly beaconing us to surrender and bloom

You are warmly invited to jump into this special February mini- Advanced AlcheME series no matter where you are in your own AlcheME practice.The energies are shifting so quickly ths course is here to support your graceful, integrated acceleration into deeper self activated awakening, healing, embodiment and self realization.

You are always welcome to create a perfect payment plan together with me for this course or the full Advanced AlcheME III in April. And, there are a few trade spots available if you need further assistance to participate.