AlcheME ~ Awakening & Multidimensional Embodiment Training

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Surrender to the Inner Alchemist ~ Discover your True Nature

Be the catalyst. ~ Guide conscious awareness to aim for the gateless gate and surrender through the multidimensional self for accelerated awakening, embodiment, self-healing and soul evolution.
~Experience the alchemy of awakened multidimensional embodiment in which your true nature transforms pain, suffering and duality to the purity and wholeness you already are.

AlcheME ~ Multidimensional Embodiment Training is a 12 week series of guided transformational multidimensional meditations that facilitate, illuminate and amplify your inner access to, and direct experience of, your multidimensional true nature.

Through the inner alchemy of these guided consciousness journeys, along with support from Kristin and the multidimensional team of support Guides, you simultaneously : facilitate embodied awakening; develop multidimensional awareness; access and develop inner transformational capacities; receive guidance and inner orientation within your multidimensional consciousness; heal emotional, karmic and ancestral pain and patterns of suffering; transmute personal conditioning and collective blueprints of separation and duality; elicit blissful embodied presence and inner freedom; AND ...... receive the tools to do this for yourself on your own!

  • Cultivate practices that Accelerate and Stabilize embodied awakening
  • Access, Integrate, Awaken & Ground your Infinite True Nature through physical and energetic structures
  • Gain tools for multidimensional: self mastery, self -healing, inner-maintenance & soul evolution
  • Develop & Embody lucid multidimensional awareness
  • Discover & Develop inner vision & inner transformational capacities
  • Experience and Learn self-healing tools to:
    • Heal emotional and mental patterns of suffering, wounded and limited perspectives, cultural conditioning, unconscious imprints of duality, patterns of suffering and separation
    • Purify and Transform cellular, biological, karmic, ancestral, conscious, unconscious and collective memory, imprints and patterning based on separation, suffering and lack
  • Experience the Newness and Exquisite Embodied Awakened Delight of inner multidimensional harmony and wholeness
  • Access inner guidance, multidimensional maps, coordinates, compass and tools for infinite alchemy, self discovery and continual awakening

Through weekly guided active and passive meditation, multidimensional energetic transmission and individualized soul classroom support and direct QnA you will clarify, articulate, strengthen and develop your multidimensional acuity, embodiment and awakeness and transform layers of pain, suffering and separation into Wholeness.

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Frequently asked Questions

Your development will be individually & multidimensionally guided, and accelerated through soul classroom support guides, energetic transmission and Kristin's unique gifts.

  • Energetic transmissions and soul support in this class will allow you to:
    • Experience a significantly deeper level of multidimensional awareness and awakeness
    • Integrate and develop tools/skills at a deeper level than you would typically experience on your own
    • Teach you how to access your own multidimensionally on your own
  • Soul classroom exercises:
    • Are uniquely tailored to address each individual’s own cutting edge of soul growth and evolution
    • Dovetail with your conscious mind for seamless and appropriate engagement between your conscious mind and soul
    • Includes multitudes of Support Guides aiding in your process
  • Kristin's spiritual gifts allow her to:
    • See multidimensionally and guide your conscious self, your soul, your inner process and development during your inner experience
    • Offer life changing transformational energetic transmission
    • Provide real time dialog, support, individual feedback and guidance about your inner process
  • Your development will be accelerated
    • Your conscious mind will learn faster and more deeply than it would otherwise because of the soul support and the individual dialog through zoom.
    • Your soul will develop & integrate faster because your conscious mind is in alignment, and there is tailored multidimensional support during the exercises.
    • You will experience accelerated integration and access to awakened states and embodiment
    • Your soul has access to infinite wisdom and soul capacity in the soul classroom and therefore growth is limitless.

The soul classroom is a multidimensional energetic classroom offering access to the infinite wisdom of creation. It is a healing and teaching container created for the purpose of these transmission and awakening and embodiment training and acceleration. It exists in another dimension of your multidimensional self. Everyone is in the soul classroom during AlcheME. Some people are aware of themselves on this level consciously, others are present in the soul classroom but not consciously aware.

The power of teaching in the soul classroom is that your soul can learn and integrate exponentially while giving your personality and human heart and mind more time to integrate over time. You will continue to experience transformation throughout the program and beyond.

You are not limited to linear thought in the soul classroom and learning becomes exponential. The multilevel classroom also allows you to learn from everyone else's process and development too. It is an unlimited, exponential growth environment filled with hundred of Guides to support your human and soul evolution.

The soul classroom offers additional powerful benefits for healing practitioners because you have access to the wisdom and methods of each individuals growth in the classroom. It is an extraordinary and learning opportunity.

The multidimensional nature of the soul classroom also supports the power of the AlcheME Training videos and transmission within. You are experiencing and integrating the program beyond time and space where Everything is always available Now. Whether you are in the live program or in the online video training we are meeting in the soul classroom.

They are similar, but distinctly different.

Both are powerful, transformative, educational and healing multidimensionally.
Both are filled with a multitude of Guides in the soul classroom.
Both include satsang, QnA and energetic transmissions.

Monthly Live Streams focus on your receiving healing and multidimensional transformation.
Monthly Live Streams are once a month and are individually available.
Monthly Live Stream questions are emailed in during the live streaming.

AlcheME Training teaches you how to engage your own awakened multidimensionality for self healing, transformation and embodiment.
AlcheME Training is a weekly 3 month series depending on the season. ( Basics is 6 weeks )
AlcheME Training is through zoom with questions shared live.

This program is for all levels of awake and awakening souls with basic or advanced inner awareness who want to:

  • deepen your awakening, embodiment and multidimensional awareness
  • transform your conditioning and outdated patterns
  • develop and enhance inner balancing and self healing practices and capacities
  • discover and cultivate your multi-sensory perception
  • embody and deepen self realization
  • experience greater freedom, expansion and joy
  • deepen and enhance your professional healing practice

Yes. Simple ones.

The depth, duration and expansion of your meditation, focus, and multidimensional capacities and embodiment will develop and deepen throughout these program. You do not need to master any of the skills in any of the courses to proceed to the next. Your soul is taking it all in, and you can progress through the trainings at what ever skill level, embodiment level or awareness level you are currently at.

AlcheME Basics ~ Keys to Awakening
No Prerequisites other than your probable interest in one or more of the following.....

  • Meditation
  • Transforming your life
  • Awakening
  • Deepening your meditation
  • Discovering the inner tools to facilitate awakening
  • You are just curious and/or following your instincts

No prerequisites other than suggested...

  • Openness and willingness to discover the miraculous inside.
  • Comfort with sustained focused meditation.
  • Basic awareness of inner energetic sensation and inner energetic scanning is useful, though most people can do this even if they have never tried.

Advanced AlcheME Live or Video (current or future )
Yes: Prerequisite: AlcheME

You already are multidimensional. AlcheME Training Series offers inner tools, practices, multidimensional guidance and energetic transmissions to facilitate and support your access to your mulitdimensionality. It cultivates conscious access, development, strengthening and embodiment of your innate multidimensional transformational capacities and true nature.

The nature of the AlcheME soul classroom gives you a significant multidimensional boost that both increases your conscious access to your multidimensional true nature and innate inner capacities. It is a supported and guided multidimensional dive where you strengthen and discover along the way the skills that were always there while developing new skills each week. Simultaneously you will be transforming accumulated conditioning and integrating your true self.

Sept. 10th - Dec. 3rd - skip 11/26/2020 ~ Thanksgiving
Thursdays ~ 5pm PT
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2.5 hour ZOOM sessions - Phone and Remote options

Cost $864

Work trade available. Please inquire.
Remote options.

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"Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible." ~ Rick Archer ~Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

"I have experienced many ‘awakening’ webinars and Kristin's are by far the most impactful." ~ David S. ~Investment Banker

"Your classes have changed my life." ~ Monica M. ~Educator


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Embodiment Training

" Offered for the first time in the 17 years of my multidimensional awakening support.....I am thrilled to share the inner tools I use in the soul classroom to teach you how to access and develop your own lucid multidimensionality for self-healing, embodiment and awakening.

We will be journeying through multidimensional meditation together in the soul classroom transforming conditioning of lifetimes, multiple probabilities, karma, DNA and more, with the support of a multitude of Guides, in such a way for you to gain confidence and skill in doing it yourself for yourself.

After three eclipses this summer, reality has changed and the time is ripe for you to consciously engage your true nature and have the multidimensional tools for self healing, embodiment and awakening.

My inner lucid reality encompasses multiple dimensions simultaneously in detail, and I want to share this capacity in a way to teach you how to have access to your multidimensional magnificent acuity too.

All meditations are original, based on my previous 17 years of healing multidimensionally in the soul classroom.

Please join me for this profound, inspiring and life transforming series. I deeply look forward to being with you in the timeless multidimensional soul classroom and live in the zoom room."

With Love
~ Kristin

AlcheME meditation practices include both active and passive meditation. Active meditation engages your focus and inner perception. Passive meditation is a surrendered non-doing and allowing. AlcheME meditations are a synthesis of active and passive meditation where inner senses are being developed and function seamlessly in a surrendered non doing state. Both the nature of the content and the practice itself facilitate a continual deepening of awakening while transforming underlying conditioning.

We are One Being even though we look like many. When the truth of our nature is amplified during a session, you are like a tuning fork, and this truth of our true nature becomes amplified within you. On the outside it can appear that one tuning fork is tuning or transmitting to the other, which on the one hand has relative truth, but ultimately it only works because you already are this living mystery of our True Nature.

Throughout the class and during the guided meditation, Kristin is residing fluidly in multiple realms along with many guides all supporting your transformation and embodiment in tandem, and simultaneously guiding, teaching and transforming on all levels. While the guided meditation is the same for everyone ( different exercises each week) , the support energetically and in the soul classroom is tailored to your specific needs and development.

Kristin Kirk is an international spiritual teacher and healer with 17 years of experience bridging nondual embodied awakening and multidimensional healing. Kristin’s awakening revealed profound healing gifts and an unusually refined awareness of subtle inner workings of consciousness. Residing in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition, Kristin supports personal transformation, embodied awakening and self-realization through retreats, live stream events and healing sessions for individuals, groups and organizations and is currently writing a number of books.


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