Focus Group: The Art of Surrender 2018 ~ Starts November


Beginning November 2018. Conference call limited to 20 registrants.

Art of Surrender: Path to Awakened Embodiment ~ Each session is a combination of satsang, transmission, healing and individual dialog. This satsang/healing group meets monthly for 12 months and offers a deep and intimate engagement with Kristin to support your ease of surrender and embodied awakening. Surrender can seem to be such a vague and ambiguous act/non-act, that also seems to be one of the most crucial elements in the game of self awakening. This year long offering is a powerful invitation to dive in full into the living discovery of your true nature along with a beautiful intimate group of like minded individuals.

We will explore surrendering through mind, heart and body as well as the essential need for surrendering through all aspects for full awakening, integration and embodiment. We will practice together with a small dedicated group to support you surrendering through your personal life experience and day to day challenges in the awakening process.

This series consists of 12 monthly, 2 hour satsang/healing conference calls, with two optional live streams during the first and last call of the series. Each satsang/healing call includes live QnA and healing transmissions. Participants will also receive a 50% off coupon for one year access the full 25 hr 2018 Multidimensional Awakening Series Videos which inspired this series.

Limited to 20 individuals.

Please see the sessions schedule in the description below. Thank you.

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Fridays: Noon PT or 12pmPT / 3pm ET 
(Audio recordings are available if you miss a call.)

Beginning November 2018

Session Dates:


November 16th  ( includes live stream access)
December 14th


January 18th
February 8th
March 1st
April 5th
May 17th
June 21st
July 12th
August 23rd
September 20th
October 4th  ( includes lives stream access)