Focus Group: The Art of Surrender 2018 ~ starting September


This group will start beginning of September 2018.

The Art of Surrender Focus Group ~ This satsang/healing group meets monthly for 12 months. Surrender can seem to be such a vague and ambiguous act/non-act, that also seems to be one of the most crucial elements in the game of self awakening. This year long offering is a powerful invitation to dive in fully and commit to surrendering into the discovery of your true nature.  Monthly 2 hour satsang/healing conference calls, focused on the art of surrendering, will include live QnA during the call.

(PLEASE NOTE *This is a ‘purchase’ for the 2018 Focus Group. ‘Purchasing’ will add your name to a list allowing us to contact you as soon as more information for the 2018 group becomes available. Thank you.)

Price for the whole year is $860

The planned schedule is one Friday each month, 12pm PT. We are currently negotiating this with all interested and will provide more info once it is settled.