Living Love Awake Part I & II ~ Feb 12th-13th

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Part I Sat. Feb 12th, 10am -noon HI
12-2pm PT / 7-9am NSW

Our inner sense of separation creates infinite avenues of seeking outside ourselves for the innate wholeness we long for. Whether we are in a romantic relationship or not, this inner duality plays itself out in a myriad of ways. When we feel the wholeness we already are, innate joy and ecstasy are present.

Relationship dynamics are a reflection of our own inner dualistic dynamic between the masculine and feminine. When we heal our inner masculine / feminine dynamic, our relationships with ourself and others transform.

• Heal the inner masc/fem wounds and dynamics.
• Discover the relationship of inner masc/fem union to awakening.
• Receive unique timeless tools, teachings and powerful healing transmissions.
• Experience
your infinite wholeness and magnificent radiant heart.
• Transform current relationships.
• Attract higher frequency relationships in wholeness.

Part II Sun. Feb 13th, 10am -noon HI
12-2pm PT / 7-9am NSW

Inner masculine feminine union is an ecstatic path of awakening and embodiment through meditation and surrendering to Source. The inner union of the masculine and feminine propels one into deeper levels of ecstatic living, awakeness and oneness with Source.

When one or two beings seek outside for inner wholeness, duality plays itself out internally and in relationship dynamics.

When one or two beings meet each other and life with inner wholeness and a balanced inner union of masc/fem, the inner union ignites an infinite deepening of awakening and self realization. Inside we discover the ecstatic union and wholeness of all life inside and bliss is a natural by-product.

• Discover the sublime inner union and bliss inside.
• Receive
unique timeless tools, teachings and powerful healing transmissions.
Learn inner practices to illicit ever-expanding inner union with Source.
• Embody innate ecstatic wholeness.
Radiate your divine magnetism.
• Attract high frequency relationships in wholeness.
Cultivate ecstatic union with another.