Living Love Awake Part I‍ – Feb 12th ~ Healing the Inner Masculine and Feminine Duality

Suggested payment $44-$88
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Sat. Feb 12th, 10am -noon HI
12-2pm PT / 7-9am NSW

Our inner sense of separation creates infinite avenues of seeking outside ourselves for the innate wholeness we long for. Whether we are in a romantic relationship or not, this inner duality plays itself out in a myriad of ways. When we feel the wholeness we already are, innate joy and ecstasy are present.

Relationship dynamics are a reflection of our own inner dualistic dynamic between the masculine and feminine. When we heal our inner masculine / feminine dynamic, our relationships with ourself and others transform.

• Heal the inner masc/fem wounds and dynamics.
• Discover the relationship of inner masc/fem union to awakening.
• Receive unique timeless tools, teachings and powerful healing transmissions.
• Experience
your infinite wholeness and magnificent radiant heart.
• Transform current relationships.
• Attract higher frequency relationships in wholeness.