Mastery AlcheME I: Love Eternal – 1st Class Free

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Experience the first class FREE.
Oct 13th,
Thursday, 5pm-7:30pm PT (convert to your timezone)
Come dive into your Divine Self and expand, ground and circulate the Infinite Love you ARE through all dimensions, all cells, all aspects, all multiverses and beyond and nourish every single atom of yourself and the universe. This course will build on itself and strengthen your capacity to radiate and sustain love for yourself and all beings beyond your wildest imaginings. Prepare to be saturated with divine wisdom, healing transformation and Infinite Love.

You are ready.

Full Schedule

Oct 13th - Dec 15th 2022
Thursdays, 5pm-7:30pm PT
(convert to your timezone)
(Please note: class will be on Friday November 25th instead of Thursday of that week due to the Thanksgiving holiday)