Monthly Healing ~ June 25th 2022

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June 25th *live stream or remote
10am Hawaii Time (convert to your time zone)

You do not have to believe or understand this type of healing to receive and experience the profound benefits.

Live Stream transmissions facilitate deep soul healing, awakening, embodiment and the integrate of your enlightened self into your everyday life. This powerful transformational experience calibrates you to your newest and highest frequency each and every month.

Please join me for the next LIVE transmission to support your evolving transformation and conscious embodiment of your enlightened self. This potent transformational healing calibrates you to the highest frequency possible in each evolving monthly session.

The acceleration of our personal and global awakening, as well as our embodiment continues to expand at an unprecedented rate and there is so much to share each month!



“That was a powerful healing on many levels.” ~Kim R.

“Fabulous session, so transformational, spectacular!” ~Douglas K.

“The Light I felt pouring in was exquisite and more powerful than anything I have experienced before. And yet at the same time it was so gentle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~Marie B.

“What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin is she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo.” ~Andrew M.


Each monthly live stream healing includes energetic transmission, and satsang sharing. Sessions are recorded and available for 30 days.

You may participate in the live stream or remotely or later through the recording.

Video Playback available for one month after the LIVE streaming.