Monthly Healing ~ September 5th, 2020

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You are invited! Join me this Saturday.

Live from Kauai, Hawaii. 2 hour live stream healing.

AlcheME Program teaches you to do for yourself what I do for you in a live stream healing.

Join me this Saturday for the live stream healing and just receive. September
. 5th, 1pm-3.30pm PT

In the midst of the outer seeming darkness, the inner Light is intensifying. The time is ripe for awakening. We come together in this live stream to deepen our ground of Being in Light and Love and embody our awakened true nature. Please join me for this next transformational light embodiment live stream transmission. Access to inner reality continues to expand at an unprecedented rate and there is much to share.

This two and a half hour live stream will include energetic transmission, time for QnA and satsang sharing. We gather together in the soul class room and transform at the cutting edge of your soul's growth, integrating the highest possible frequency of your True Nature through your mental, emotional, physical bodies and soul. If you have not had a session with Kristin before, please watch some of the videos below to prepare.

Namaste, Kristin

Video Playback available for one month

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