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Upcoming events in California

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Selected events recorded in California can be found in the “Special Events” section of the Video Library

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Past Events 2018-2017

Satsang in San Rafael – Awakening & Inner Masculine and Feminine *in-person

San Rafael, CA
Oct. 30th, 7-9pm PT

Satsang and Healing  in Berkeley – Surrendering And Embodying The Awakened Ecstatic Heart *in-person

Berkeley, CA
Nov. 3rd, 11am-5pm PT

Healing Only – Surrendering And Embodying The Awakened Ecstatic Heart *in-person / remote

Berkeley, CA
Nov. 3rd, 3:30pm – 5pm PT

Open Circle
“Transforming Shadows in the Light of Truth”
~ Satsang – Tuesday, October 24th, 2017
~ Daylong Retreat & Healing in Berkeley –  October 28th, 2017
~Special Remote/In person healing – October 28, 2017

“Transforming Shadows in the Light of Truth”
~ Daylong Retreat & Healing — Berkeley

Integration and embodiment of the larger bodies of consciousness necessitates the transformation of inner shadows. These shadows are simply misperceptions about your true nature that dissolve through integration. This dissolution is amplified through healing and awareness.

On Tuesday (in San Rafael) Kristin will begin with the exploration of the nature of the cosmic body, and the dissolving of both inner shadows and the outer darkness of humanity and the world. She will deepen this exploration in a full day retreat on Saturday (in Berkeley), including exercises to facilitate your purification, and will end with a group healing session.

“Shadows dissolve in the light of truth. When shadows have accumulated through identification and conditioning, there is a transformation or purification process that occurs as the light of consciousness increasingly reveals itself. As consciousness continues to open on the cosmic level, what once appeared outside appears on the inside. Outer shadows are revealed as inner shadows, and both “inner personal shadows” and “outer darkness” are transformed within. Integration and embodiment at the cosmic level necessitate transformation of shadows on all levels.”


SAND 2017 The Emerging Universe
“Revolution Within: Emergence of the Universe Inside”

Kristin Kirk Presentation
11:00am – 11:40am, Oct 22
San Martin Room

The inner and outer universes are eventually discovered to indivisibly contain each other. As the external macrocosm is discovered internally, the inner living room expands and includes all beings, realms, deities, gods and galaxies. As the internal microcosm is discovered externally, the inner minutia is seen in full display externally. All this inner and outer magnificent wondrousness arises inseparably from each other and inseparably as Absolute Nothing.

In real practical terms we will explore the literal truth of this through energetic anatomy and stages of awakening. We will explore the revolutionary and dramatic impact this realization has on personal relationships and“normal” daily life functioning. We will explore living the paradoxical seamlessness of simultaneous boundaries and oneness in relation to awakening, integration, healthy relationships and multidimensional anatomical function. We will explore ways to support sustained nondual awareness amidst the potential temptation to identify with a “bigger and better” divine cosmic Self.