Sessions for Businesses, Corporations and Organizations with Kristin Kirk

Businesses, Corporations and Organizations are a co-creation of human consciousness and Devic consciousness. Healing sessions address the underlying human conditioning and karma woven into the co-created energetic structures of the business, corporation organization to transform imbalanced and limiting patterns impacting the B/C/O’s success, joy of the participants and positive influence in the world.

B/C/O have a divine purpose, alignment and service. Aligning and clearing the individuals and the B/C/O creates a greater efficiency, productivity, prosperity and joy. Transforming the limiting conditioning supports the individuals and the B/C/O to align the B/C/O with its divine intention, purpose, service and highest success. When a B/C/O is aligned in its highest capacity it serves humanity and all those involved and generates a palpable force of positivity and prosperity in all directions.

BC/O’s, although they are not people, carry their own energetic signature impacting their success, vitality and well-being. This signature is a co-creation of divine inspiration/intention, the karma and conditioning of the individuals involved, and the subtle Devic realms that bring ideas into form. Healing sessions transform the limiting “hidden” human conditioning and karma woven into the energetic and Devic structures of the B/C/O and align the B/C/O with it’s highest potential.

Healthy aligned businesses thrive on any size scale while positively influencing local and global communities creating multiple levels of abundance and positivity. Prosperity comes in many forms such as financial stability, financial growth, personal satisfaction, contribution to humanity, cohesive positive work environment and freedom of time and scheduling to name a few. Depending on the nature of the B/C/O and the desired intention of those engaging in this healing endeavor, benefits can include some or all of the following:

*Align the B/C/O with its highest intention, service and purpose

*Increase the B/C/O ‘s efficiency, productivity and success

*Support the B/C/O’s evolution, development and prosperity

*Support the optimization of staff and employee’s personal soul purposes with the B/C/O’s purpose

*Increase owner and employee satisfaction, efficiency and communication

*Facilitate the evolution, coherence and development of staff

*Transform the energetic atmosphere of the workspace

*Support recognition and streamlining of valued products/contributions/services to humanity thereby increasing personal and economic value

*Align the B/C/O’s product/service with humanity which increases the “wind in the sails” forces of nature thereby increasing productivity, positivity and prosperity in all directions

* Transform the underlying imbalanced karma and conditioning of the individual/s that initiated the B/C/O’s and/or the current B/C/O owner that limit the B/C/O’s potential

* Transform the imbalanced and limiting patterns within the B/C/O’s energetic signature created from the interwoven limiting human karma and conditioning

Consulting and healing sessions for B/C/O’s can be used in any combination of healing sessions for the B/C/O itself, the work environment, individual owners, employees or as a spiritual/mindfulness/personal growth/awaken education program. Onsite program and schedule will be based on needs.

If you are genuinely interested and your business has the capacity to engage in this endeavor, please fill out the inquiry form below about your B/C/O to assess whether a 30 min complimentary phone consult is appropriate to explore your needs and possibilities.

Businesses, Corporations and Organizations Questionnaire

To begin your exploration with Kristin to transform your B/C/O please fill out the following Questionnaire.

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Additional Important Info:

On site/skype 30 hr/week sessions consist of one M-F work week with approximately two 3-hour sessions daily with a 90min break or three 2-hour sessions daily with two 75 min breaks. Exact scheduling and programs are case and site specific.

On site monthly follow up sessions are via phone or conference call. Sessions are scheduled in advance. Sessions may be rescheduled with 48 hrs notice up to one time per session and will be received remotely in the event of missed appointments during the time of the missed appointment.

On site / Skype sessions will be video recorded and delivered at the end of the week as soon as they are rendered deliverable usually within a few weeks. Follow up phone calls will be recorded as audio and will be downloadable within a few days.

Fund Raising Donations are not deductible charitable tax donations but may satisfy tax deductible criteria in your circumstances. Please seek your own taxation advice and governing tax laws.