Six Enlightenment Transmissions
from the Soul Classroom

Download your Higher Self while you sleep.
Change your reality.

Kristin Kirk

Get access to these six progressive transmissions to use during sleep that accelerate awakening and embodied enlightenment. Experience the benefits of effortless access to your Enlightened Self while you sleep.

"We have already met in the Soul Classroom with your Enlightened Self and Source, along with hundreds of Master Beings to create these Six Transmissions for your accelerated awakening.

These extraordinary soul transmissions meet you in these unprecedented times of change and give your soul the quantum acceleration needed to make an evolutionary leap in consciousness.

The 6 stages prepare you for embodied enlightenment in your own perfect timing. We are in profoundly transformative times. Our evolution is exponential now."

~ Kristin Kirk

A heartfelt personal invitation from Kristin

Dear Beloved One,

I was astonished and amazed when these six transmissions appeared and I understood what they were for. I have also seen after my lifetime these transmissions will have influenced enough souls to ignite a quantum shift in our human evolution for lifetimes to come.

Even as I recognize the power of them I share this vulnerably, because the gifts I bring are beyond the linear mind's grasp which will be a stretch for many people to comprehend. And yet the whole purpose of my gifts is to access and bridge our other worldly enlightenment into this world and our current lived embodied Now.

From the depth of my heart I invite you to receive the soul blueprints and energetic structures for rapid embodied enlightenment. We are in dramatic awakening times and can forget our magnificence and that we are One Consciousness waking ourselves. These extraordinary transmissions give you the soul structures to support a rapid shift in consciousness when it is time.

Being disconnected from our Higher Self can manifest in unusual ways that we don't recognize, such as mysterious ongoing anxiety, sleep issues, profound FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), self blame, judgement, relationship challenges, parenting difficulties, inner sense of something missing and feeling off track in life and so much more. By reconnecting the inner pathways to your Enlightened Self and developing new avenues of connection to Source we access infinite healing and wisdom that can relieve many of our daily struggles, and inner feelings of dis-ease.

Designed to bypass the mind these transmissions directly access your soul in the Soul Classroom and during your sleep.

You may recognize the resonance of Soul Classroom because it is already within you and is a real multidimensional metaphysical space for limitless learning, growth and transformation. We meet together outside of time and space in the soul classroom and transform your reality within the highest cosmic potential. We are in extraordinary times and exponential shifts and quantum leaps are available to humanity in ways that have never been available until now.

The epiphany in my own journey was to realise that you don't have to understand me or how these transmissions work. Your soul does. And so together we work with your soul and your enlightened self during sleep for exponential integration.

My life completely changed after my awakening as my life's purpose became clear. The extraordinary spiritual gifts that came with my awakening 20 years ago, offer a window into the utter magnificence of Our Being as well as the capacity to illuminate profound transformation for myself and others.

If you are drawn to these transmissions it is most likely that you were present with me in the Soul Classroom during the initial recording. Each of you who will participate in these recording transmissions were present during the live transmission and your personality is now catching up to your soul's plan by experiencing the transmissions now.

With love and deep appreciation,
Kristin Richard and Kylie, Are the additional three top paragraphs recently added, compelling at all or should I jump to paragraph four.


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"This work is freaking powerful! You are an amazing woman and energetic force."
—  K.V.T. - Transformation Coach and Artist

"I feel you are spearheading a new direction in our human evolution."
—  B.R. - Inventor

"Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.."
— Rick Archer - host of "Buddha at the Gas Pump"



The Six Enlightenment transmissions build and develop your energetic soul structures in 6 stages to prepare you for the new frequencies of embodied enlightenment that you and humanity are ready to receive. Your soul receives and embodies the blueprints to prepare you for embodied enlightenment, so when you are ready to shift, the stabilized soul structures for embodied enlightenment are already in place. The changes are sustained on the causal level to be implemented in your soul's precise timing.

Designed for sleep, the progressive transmissions easily bypass the thinking mind giving you effortless access to your Enlightened self and the Soul Classroom. Equally powerful during the day, you can use the transmission to deepen your conscious access to the Soul Classroom and your inner transformation.

Enlightenment transmission #1
Heal The Inner MaSculine/Feminine Duality
Heal your relationships while you sleep

The first step is to begin dissolving inner duality. This inner duality or one’s inner sense of separation creates infinite avenues of seeking outside ourselves for the innate wholeness we long for. The most common place for seeking is spiritually or in romantic partnerships. Whether we are in a romantic relationship or not, or spiritual seekers or not,  this inner duality plays itself out in a myriad of ways. When we feel the wholeness we already are, innate joy and ecstasy are present. This transmission focuses on healing the inner masc/fem wounds, dualistic dynamics and perceptions of duality.

Relationship dynamics are a reflection of our own inner dualistic dynamic between the masculine and feminine. When we heal our inner masculine / feminine dynamic, our relationships with ourselves and others transform. This transmission will quietly support the healing and evolution of your own inner masc/fem dynamic and begin to shift your inner sense of wholeness and comfort in your own skin. You will begin to softly and quietly experience your infinite wholeness and magnificent radiant heart and prepare for inner union in the next session..

Enlightenment transmission #2
Inner Union of the Divine Masc and Fem
Ultimate Satisfaction Inner Masc/Fem/Source Union

The inner union of the masculine and feminine propels one into deeper levels of ecstatic living, awakened awareness and oneness with Source. When one or two beings seek outside for inner wholeness, duality plays itself out internally and in relationship dynamics.

When one or two beings meet life, oneself or another with inner wholeness and a balanced inner union of masc/fem, the inner union ignites an infinite deepening of awakening, self realization and bliss. Inside we discover the ecstatic union and wholeness of all life within and bliss is a natural by-product.
Inner masculine feminine union is an ecstatic path of awakening and embodiment through meditation with or without partnership and through surrendering into Source.  

Enlightenment transmission #3
Meet Your Enlightened Self
Meet the Real you

The next stage is to meet your Higher Self / Power and begin to remember that you are a co-creator of the universe and your life. This may seem scary at first because you may still be relating to yourself as your familiar human self and would not trust that part of yourself with that much power. BUT, because you are meeting your brilliant infinitely wise enlightened self, you will realize your own innate magnificence and discover for yourself that you ARE trustworthy and unconditionally loving and that your limitless power is utterly inseparable from your infinite love.

As you begin to get more comfortable with feeling the magnificence of your true nature, you will begin noticing and purging subtle layers of your identity that no longer serve you. You will be purifying deeply each night and it is helpful to drink plenty of beautiful clean water in the morning and during the day with the awareness that you are purifying on all levels. This transmission begins the process of stepping more fully into your co-creative capacities with Source Consciousness.

This transmission transforms the subtle sub sub atomic structures of identity that hold moments in time together within an identity construct in order to free identity from linear time and free identity from a sense of embodied/cohesive/timeline continuity as to empower the soul to create one's experience more freely within the multiple possibilities.

Enlightenment transmission #4
mystical miracle making
Cosmic Co-Creation

Discover more of your innate super powers. As we move deeper into your enlightened nature, we meet atomic and subatomic aspects of your consciousness that relate to our linear time construct. What???.. before your brain goes fuzzy with pseudo science, hear me out. Just like the roots of a tree and its branches are mirror images stretching upward and downward.... you do the same thing. As you open upward and outward to your magnificent cosmic self like the branches of the tree, you reach downward and deep into cellular and atomic consciousness like the roots.  

These atomic and subatomic parts, not only make up your body and the universe, they relate to how you piece together your experiences in linear time. Whoa, Whoa... what??? How does this relate to me and my life??? When we free up how we hold our identity together (experience our sense of self) based on our linear framework, we begin to access limitless possibilities that our linear time trajectory could not even imagine. We begin to truly access our limitless potential. The transformation can be on the inner experience where you just feel like the most fabulous new you, and /or your outer life can begin to have beautiful unexpected changes or make extraordinary "spontaneous" dramatic turns that you could not have even dreamed of.

This transmission keeps on working as you continue to transform. So you can come back to this over and over again to support the freedom from your limited linear manifesting framework. Your true nature is not limited and not linear. We have gotten so comfortable with the idea of a controlled linear outcome... " If I do this.. then this will happen..." . It is a false sense of control. And amazingly, the linear limitation has become so comfortable even though it is the size of a shoebox! You are Infinite!!! How crazy is it that we somehow got comfortable in a shoe box!? As you begin to soften into the comfort of not being linear, and let go of what had felt familiar and shoebox size safe,  your enormous potential, power, grace and creative capacities begin to flow.

Enlightenment transmission #5
Rainbow Light Body Bridge
Manifest and Embody your Light body

This transmission focuses on bringing your light body into greater tangibility, greater embodiment and increasing the capacity to bring the higher frequencies that have been embodied only in higher reams into embodiment here. We are literally grounding the higher frequencies into flesh. This will support you experiencing yourself lighter in your physical body, frequency and mood. Many speak about literally feeling more light radiating in their body and feeling brighter thoughts and emotions from this transmission.

You will build gorgeous bridges between all the sublets layers of your being throughout the universe to embody your brilliant radiance here on Earth. This transmission is purifying and building so drinking beautiful clean water and beautiful healthy food are important and supportive. You may begin to naturally change your diet, or change your sleep cycles to be in greater harmony with your enlightened authentic natural flow. Perhaps you are losing interest in as many hours of screen time or distracting outer noise. Perhaps you have become interested in experiencing the transmission during the daytime in meditation to "feel" more of yourself engaging in the transformative process with these transmissions.

This transmission works with the atomic and sub sub atomic aspects of consciousness and all the devas ( nature spirits and subtle aspects of consciousness that are the material builders of form)  to build the necessary framework and subtle physical and energetic networks and communications between your dimensional bodies.

There was a significant tear in the cosmos that was healed during this session that made it much easier to create or re-create the wholeness and integrity of the individuated self as wholeness, once that galactic tear was healed. This was a very big deal and the impact on each person to rest solidly in their own ground of light has been amazing. We are fractals or reflections of the cosmos, and so the reflection made perfect sense and as a result the ease of your sense of wholeness returning will be easier.

Enlightenment transmission #6
Ascension Embodied
Living Your Light

Here we take the previous transmission of embodying your Infinite light frequencies, expand them further, and then support the actualization of your light embodied action through form. We continue the transformation of identification with outdated human perspective and integrate your infinite self through the physical form. We are grounding your Infinite Consciousness here in the human body to be able to walk the higher self on the earth in form with cellular integration, harmony and embodiment.

This is setting up the blueprint for your full enlightenment here in human form. We are living in extraordinary times and enlightenment is evolving. Awakening is quickening, and our embodiment of these frequencies can benefit from enhanced support. Just as we might take supplements for our health to strengthen our bodies, these transmissions strengthen our spiritual bodies and offer building blocks and bridges to what may have taken lifetimes before.


The Six Enlightenment Transmissions are right for you if

~ you trust your intuition
~ you love the miraculous
~ if you trust your inner knowing
~ you know you are infinite and have a soul
~ if you've always felt a little bit different from mainstream culture
~ you are ready to expand beyond your wildest dreams
~ you are awake and you know there is more
~ you are compelled to deepen your communion with Source, your soul and life's purpose
~ you are seeking life changing and uplevelling spiritual healing and inner guidance
~ you are ready to discover and live your absolute mystical magnificent Self
~ you experience oneness, or believe in a higher self, Source/God or enlightenment
~ you are ready for a radical, mind blowing and profound change
~ you are open to transformation that you have never known was possible
~ you are ready to heal your deepest wounds
~ you are ready to live your soul's mastery
~ you are ready to discover the magnificence in everything
~ you are thrilled to integrate and embody your spiritual reality in daily life
~ you are ready to discover and radiate infinite love within
~ and ready to live, embody and manifest your soul's highest desires and your Enlightened Self

This is not for you if

~ you prefer to stay small
~ you don't know or believe you are infinite or have a soul
~ you believe that energetic transmission is imaginary
~ you dismiss and disregard your instincts and intuition as insubstantial, made up or delusional
~ you don't know or trust there is a higher power or greater consciousness
~ you believe the mind is more important than the heart
~ you're not interested in discovering the magnificence in everything
~ you're not interested in feeling more love, grace and flow in your life
~ you already know everything

Will i be enlightened after
EXPERIENCING the transmissions?

The impact from the transmissions can be profoundly subtle, similar to the power of the shifting of an atom. What appears to be or feel like a small shift in the beginning is monumental and changes reality. Some people feel these transmissions dramatically and listen to them over and over again because they feel the shifts that are happening every time they listen. Some people may not notice the shifting or the impact right away or at all. It is for this reason that I deeply encourage you to trust your intuition and use these transmissions as often as you are called to, no matter what your experience is.

These transmissions have come to aid humanity in critical transformative times. They will support you in ways that you won't understand, perhaps even for lifetimes. They are profound gifts from my heart to yours and from the depth of your soul, the mastery of those who have gone before and the Oneness that we all are.


About Kristin

Kristin experienced her first shift in consciousness in 1991 when her sense of "I Am" shifted and she began communicating with plants and animals and spirit guides, while maintaining her full time Shiatsu massage therapy practice.

During a private session in 2003 Kristin began seeing highly detailed imagery and information along with vast spiritual insight and the capacity to transform the old stories and the emotional wounds from people's bodies, psyches and souls.

Kristin's sense of self continued to purify through each session she gave as she met the individual's emotional stories and karma inseparable from her own and collective totality. Dissolving story and identity in oneness her consciousness transformed along with those she served.

Kristin's consciousness and healing evolved through soulscapes to collective and global landscapes and beyond into galactic and multiverse reality creation.

Kristin is available to engage with individuals, groups and corporations to support rapid and radical spiritual alignment and change in the inner and outer worlds.

She lives in Hawaii & Massachusetts and offers online and in-person transformational healing and teaching. She loves exploring and living in the exquisite Oneness that nature so readily offers and enjoying the miraculousness of life.

Kristin currently is writing two books and is available for healing and speaking engagements including podcasts and events.

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Six Enlightenment Transmissions
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I realize the impact of the Six Enlightenment Transmissions is profoundly deep and is not alway consciously palpable. I offer these transmissions with a profound vulnerability, knowing that some will not feel the power that is present within them. And yet I am compelled to share because we are in dramatically transformative times, and these transmissions will expedite our global awakening. Profound transformation is happening on the soul level whether you feel dramatic or subtle changes from the transmissions. I encourage you to trust your intuition. If you feel you have received no benefit from the transmissions or the live Soul Classroom healing and wish to have a full refund, please email me.

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“I found my childhood “joy for no reason” again.”


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“What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin is she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo.”


“Words cannot explain the deep shifts I’ve experienced.”


“Kristin’s healing gifts, authenticity and understanding never cease to amaze me.”

- K.R., yoga instructor

“Kristin’s transformative healing can facilitate profound shifts in consciousness.”

- S.N.

“Working with Kristin has been life-changing for me.”

- K.M., fundraiser

“I feel the transmission and get new insights every time I listen.”

- KATHLEEN M., Radiologist

“Your gifts are profoundly beautiful and awesome to behold. Thank-you for unlocking a lifetime’s worth of holding patterns I have struggled with.”

- Meredith M., healer

“I spent many years in India, and sat with a number of Indian saints.  People gather around these beings because of the energetic field that surrounds them.  Kristin has the same ability, to generate a powerful field of energy that can transform those around her.”


“Words cannot explain the deep shifts I’ve experienced.”


“It’s like you found the volume control on my anxiety valve and turned it way down.”

- R.S., nurse

“I can’t stop re-listening to class. The inner quiet is so DELICIOUS and expansive, yet grounded and present in my human self, and also in my illuminated selves.”


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Would you like to...

• Uncover the sublime inner union and bliss inside
• Accelerate ever-expanding inner union with Source
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• Heal inner Masculine and Feminine wounding
• Establish inner wholeness and stability
• Embody your mystical miracles
• Meet your Enlightened Self
• Integrate your Higher Self / Power
• Build the Light Bridge between your physical and light bodies
• Prepare yourself and your subtle energetic structures for embodied enlightenment