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Lightspeed Evolution
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Come heal your ancient wounds and experience Lightspeed Evolution. Together we generate and actualize quantum soul leaps and integrate enlightened change into your life.

Bridge the gap between you and your Higher Self
and be the Cosmic Acceleration of awakening on our planet.

Soul Classroom Live Monthly Cosmic / Energetic Updates.

Stay current with the cosmos and your Higher Self's accelerated plan. Join the Soul Classroom Live each month and experience continual life changing transmissions to heal your deepest wounds and embody your next enlightened you.

Soul classroom is a real multidimensional metaphysical space where Cosmic and Master Beings of all levels of existence aligned with Source, gather to accelerate enlightenment and evolution for you and all humanity.

Kristin masterfully sees, guides and embraces you individually in the Soul Classroom in all your magnificence, from your exquisite soul essence to your soul's complex and detailed history, karma and conditioning woven in your story, substance and structure.

Together, in Masterful Cosmic Orchestration, we dissolve your old outdated identity and transform ancient wounds, explore the realms of infinite possibility and then co-create divine quantum leaps for your life's highest joy.

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What is so unique about learning and healing in the Soul Classroom ?

The brilliance of the soul classroom is that it meets you exactly where you are within your soul's own healing and growth plan at all reference points within fluid multidimensional time. Healing that occurs during the live streaming in the Soul Classroom can continue for days, weeks, years and sometimes lifetimes. Sessions are cumulative and new gifts and revelations from source are accessible each month. Soul Classroom transmissions are timelessly profound and your Infinite Self incorporates your quantum transformation and evolution brilliantly in your own divine timeline.

During the silent transmission your soul is in the Soul Classroom engaging with your Enlightened Self and a team of Healing Guides providing individually tailored soul healing and transformation at your own cutting edge of soul growth. The Soul Classroom is multidimensional, opens to infinite wisdom and includes a personal team of Support Guides for each individual.

Kristin is conscious and present in the soul classroom (and live streaming simultaneously) along with your soul and the multidimensional team of Guides and Masters all supporting your rapid and grounded transformation. Live events often begin and end with invitations to and explanations of Soul Classroom details and events. The silent transmissions in between the words are filled with powerful multidimensional light activity and transformation which is palpable to many in both subtle and significant ways. It is possible to experience these subtle or significant shifts physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Everyone's experience is unique.

What is so extraordinary and rare about the Soul Classroom and how does it work?

Your soul remembers the Soul Classroom. We work together multidimensionally supporting your most exquisite expedited and graceful healing and evolution to support your glorious embodied awakening and enlightenment.

The Soul Classroom meets you individually at your own personal evolutionary edge. Healing and expansion is specific to your needs. Kristin meets you in the soul classroom where time is fluid and your enlightened self is accessible and participates in your evolution and growth.

The Soul Classroom leverages the Infinite to meet your specific soul needs at any given moment inside and outside of time. It is for this reason that transmissions and soul teachings meet you at your own personal multidimensional growth edge backwards and forwards in time in multiple realities. The linear mind may have difficulty understanding this but your soul functions multidimensionally outside of time and is usually quite ecstatic to have the opportunity and the degree and magnitude of educational and transformational support in the Soul Classroom while simultaneously embodying a blessed human life.

The soul classroom is a multidimensional energetic classroom offering access to the infinite wisdom of creation. It is a healing and teaching container that your soul remembers. It exists in another dimension of your multidimensional self. Everyone is in the Soul Classroom although some are aware of themselves on this level consciously, others are present in the soul classroom but not consciously aware.

The power of teaching in the soul classroom is that your soul can learn and integrate exponentially while giving your personality and human heart and mind more time to integrate over time. The Soul Classroom is a limitless and exponential growth environment for your soul's evolution, joyous infinite learning and exquisite embodiment guidance.

Together with all beings present in divine cosmic co-creation, Kristin sees the quantum evolutionary leaps that are possible for you. She simultaneously guides and transforms consciousness through the layers of infinite potential to actualize on the soul level and assist the manifesting of your life's highest possible plan.

A heartfelt personal invitation from Kristin

Blessed Dear One,

Life is an exquisite journey, sometimes with rollercoasters, death defying leaps and exhilarating highs. Our bodies are a vehicle for consciousness to explore, live, thrive and die, while miraculously and simultaneously we are INFINITE, creating multiple avenues for exploration and divine experience. We create realms and universes to discover and embody and incarnate within.

I have been gifted the unusual opportunity to see all this in myself and others in detail in this lifetime, and so I understand you and your pain and your joy and your history with profound detail from the inside out through the Soul Classroom and through our shared Infinite Oneness.

When I meet in you in the Soul Classroom I am present with all your ancient wounds, misguided perceptions, tainted filters and all the perfect layers of stories that led/got you there. I am present with your Divine Purity and Essence, your exquisite soul's path and multiple possibilities for your evolution and growth for you to embody in this lifetime.

Together we explore the highest possible avenue for you to accelerate your human and soul growth with a greatest ease and grace in divine timing. And, with the support of hundreds of guides in the Soul Classroom, we collaboratively orchestrate and support your soul's evolution and highest outcomes/probabilites.

My awakening has gifted me a capacity to see through the extraordinary layers of our consciousness and the capacities to transform consciousness within. It is with utter humility and awe that I meet the miraculous creation that We Are as the mastermind heart weaving brilliance of existence reveals it's unending mystery and love.

The epiphany in my own journey was to realise that you don't have to understand me or how these transmissions work. Your soul does. You don't have to see what I see to join the Soul Classroom and benefit from the infinite wisdom and healing that is available.

Together we work with your soul and your enlightened self and a multitude of master beings to evolve your highest probabilities and outcomes for this life and beyond.

It's my greatest joy to bridge the gap between you and your Higher Self and help you connect to the infiniteness that you already are that you may have forgotten. My goal is to support you remembering that you are Source, and in that, you and your life are transformed.

I looking forward to meeting you in the Soul Classroom.


The Soul Classroom is within you and accessible from anywhere: your couch, your meditation cushion, Timbuktu and anywhere where YOU ARE. So you can join me from the comfort of your own home and experience the Soul Classroom live. Even though the Soul Classroom is within you, this may not be right for you. And so, I encourage you to try if you are drawn to and will offer you a full refund if your heart desires.

P.P.S. In addition to meeting with me live each month you will have access to the replay , and I will share over a 150 hours of live recorded healings and classes in your video library.


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A heartfelt personal invitation from Kristin version 2

I understand the deep yearning to remember who you are beyond this world. I have always known myself beyond this world and Source within and was amazed to realize that so many feel disconnected from their wholeness. I know the deep sense of separation inside but this never blocked my experience of the innate infiniteness, spiritual guidance and my unlimited self.

This was true before my awakening and it was at least a decade after my awakening that I realized not everyone knows this inner anchor with the infinite where the known and the unknown are inseparably whole, nourishing and home. And so my awakening unfolded beyond this truth. A few years into my awakening I had a brief experience of being cut off from experientially living my infiniteness in which I did not have a sense of connection with my infiniteness. It was terrifying, humbling and a profound eye opener and heart opener into what many people live everyday.

It is a divine blessing and absolute joy to be able to help you bridge the seeming gap between you and your enlightened self. I am able to function fluidly through multiple realms of our existence consciously and help you build the light links through the layers of your consciousness and the structures of your energetic bodies to stabilize your awakening. We do this together in the Soul Classroom with support of hundreds of Light Beings and your enlightened self.

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The transmissions gracefully bypass the thinking mind and directly access your soul in the Soul Classroom. You may recognize the resonance of Soul Classroom because it is already within you and is a real multidimensional metaphysical space for limitless learning, growth and transformation. We meet together outside of time and space in the soul classroom and transform your reality within the highest cosmic potential.

The epiphany in my own journey was to realise that you don't have to understand me or how these transmissions work. Your soul does. And so together we work with your soul and your enlightened self and a multitude of master beings to evolve your highest probabilities and outcomes for this life and beyond.

My life completely changed after my awakening in 2003 as my life's purpose became clear. The extraordinary spiritual gifts (siddhis), that unfolded now offer both a window into the utter magnificence of Our Being as well as the capacity to illuminate profound transformation for myself and others.

Although I didn't recognize it was an aspect of awakening at the time, I was aware in 1991 when my sense of "I Am" changed. At that time I also began accessing past life memory and multidimensional communication with animals and spiritual guides.

This developed further after 2003 with a more significant shift in consciousness along with lucid access to the multidimensional realms of existence that are a part of all of us and our creation. My experience of reality is unusual and serves the purpose of Soul Classroom orchestration. I recognize and experience love, light, consciousness, physics, physiology, karma, creation, universes, atoms, elements, angels, master beings, devas, the Earth, galaxies and you, all as one seamless, profound magnificent inseparably woven manifestation of source in oneness and miraculous multiplicity simultaneously.

The details are so ecstatic and exquisite within me that I am compelled to share. And I realize you don't have to understand the details the way I do, you will experience the magnificent truth of who you are in your own uniquely divine way. And so I share the brilliance of our True Nature through the Soul Classroom where your soul learns exponentially for lifetimes and you download what your soul desires for this life in your own perfect timing now.

This is right for you if
~ you are ready to expand beyond your wildest dreams
~ you are open to transformation that you have never known was possible
~ you are ready to heal your deepest wounds at the root cause
~ you are compelled to deepen your communion with Source, your soul and life's purpose
~ you are seeking life changing and uplevelling spiritual healing and inner guidance
~ you are ready to discover and live your absolute mystical magnificent Self
~ you are ready for a radical, mind blowing and profound change
~ you are ready to live your soul's mastery
~ you are ready to discover the magnificence in everything
~ you are thrilled to integrate and embody your spiritual reality in daily life
~ you experience oneness, or believe in a higher self, Source/God or enlightenment
~ you are ready to discover infinite love inside
~ and ready to live, embody and manifest your soul's highest desires and your enlightened self
~ you trust your intuition
~ you love the miraculous

This is not for you if
~ if you prefer to stay small
~ if you don't know or believe you are infinite or have a soul Richard and Kylie is this not inclusive enough for those don't know or believe but are open to discovering. If so, what language do I use?
~ if you believe that energetic transmission is imaginary
~ if you dismiss and disregard your instincts and intuition as insubstantial, made up or delusional
~ if you don't know or trust there is a higher power or greater consciousness
~ if you believe the mind is more important than the heart
~ if you're not interested in discovering the magnificence in everything
~ if you're not interested in feeling more love, grace and flow in your life
~ if you already know everything

Basic Membership $37 monthly, includes:
~ LIVE Soul Classroom participation
~ Playback included
~ 150 hours of Video Library Access:
Including 40+ healing transmissions
Potent classes and special recordings

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Plus Membership $47 monthly, includes:
~ Basic membership
~ Additional 200 hr of Video Library Access
(totalling 350 hr of powerful transmission, trainings and special recordings)

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You can still participate each month in the Live Stream for $44 as always.
One-time purchases have not changed and do not include membership video library access.
~ LIVE Soul Classroom participation is the new name for Monthly Live Stream Healing

One-time Soul Classroom Registration

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OR a version that includes the 6 Enlightenment Transmissions

Basic Membership $37 monthly, includes:
~ LIVE Soul Classroom participation
~ 6 enlightenment transmissions
~ 40+ healing live stream recordings
~ extensive video library access

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Plus Membership $47 monthly, includes:
~ LIVE Soul Classroom participation
~ 6 enlightenment transmissions
~ 40+ healing live stream recordings
~ extensive video library access

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with kristin kirk


"This work is freaking powerful! You are an amazing woman and energetic force."

— K.V.T. - Transformation Coach and Artist

"Working with Kristin has blown my Mind quite literally!"

— Nancy

"Thank you for the profound healing and knowledge."

— Patrick

"The sessions have been so powerful! And… things are continue to shift which I’m very grateful for…"

— Sheila

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Money Back Guarantee

The Soul Classroom is extremely deep, and although many experience profound insights, shifts and physical and energetic changes from the transmissions, it is not always consciously felt by everyone. Profound transformation is happening on the soul level whether you feel dramatic or subtle changes before, during or after the transmissions or not at all.

Some will feel the power and some will not and it doesn't matter. Your inner guidance will direct you whether to continue with the Soul Classroom transmissions or not. If you feel you have received no benefit from the transmissions or the live Soul Classroom healing and wish to have a full refund within your first month and cancel at any time free of contract, please email me.