Winter Solstice

Live Healing & Transmission

Journey into the Heart and Transform your Shadows Into Light

Monday Dec 21st at 6pm PT









Join me for this FREE Powerful Winter Solstice Healing to dissolve your inner shadows and let your Light shine fully from within!

In our human and earthly cycles, the darkest night brings the return of the light. Let us join together on this powerful winter solstice to meet the inner shadows of 2020 and return them to their natural state of illumination!

Together, we’ll take an inner-journey through our hearts, minds and soul to uncover and release shadows and discover your inner brilliance. Combine your innate inner wisdom with the potent transformational gifts and healing container Kristin provides. Together we will dissolve your blockages, limiting patterns, stuck emotions and karma to purify and clear the way for Divine Brilliance to take root and emerge in the new year.

The winter solstice is a turning point in nature, where light enters the dark and darkness returns to light. During this powerful free online healing and transmission, Kristin will support you catalyze your soul's deepest desires and let go of limiting patterns, to reveal and ground your illuminated awakened wholeness in your embodied presence now, let go of limiting patterns, and to align with the powerful transformations already unfolding within and outside of yourself.

Join us at this pivotal time in history, illuminate the shadows, transform the old, connect with your enlightened self and walk boldly into the new cycle having successfully shed outdated paradigms while sowing seeds of light and love for your future.

During this potentially Life-Changing Live Healing event you will:

  • Align with the regenerative power of the Winter Solstice.
  • Clarify the direction of your life's course.
  • Streamline your life force to manifest divine intention.
  • Free yourself from the weight of old cycles.
  • Receive powerful transmissions to accelerate your soul's evolution in 2021.
  • Embrace and embody the lightness and freedom of your Higher Self.
  • Create a "letting-go" list to release and a "calling-in" list to plant seeds in the potent energy of the Solstice.
"Align with the Power of Nature. Dive into the Solstice turning point of darkest hour, transform your fears, and re-emerge in purity and light having discovered your enlightened/illuminated heart."
- Kristin Kirk

Kristin Kirk is an international spiritual teacher and healer whose bridging embodied awakening and multidimensional healing.

Kristin's 2003 awakening revealed profound healing gifts that continue to deepen and expand, allowing her to transmit and share her realizations. With refined and rare multidimensional awakeness, Kristin supports others on the path to accelerated embodied awakening. Each person can ground in True Nature and achieve profound healing and transformation.

Her authentic, heart-centered approach, acuity, and embodied presence derive from her consciousness and multidimensional awareness that is independent of any spiritual tradition.

Kristin offers live stream healing events and multidimensional embodiment awakening training programs and is currently writing a number of books.

Kristin has been interviewed on "Buddha at the Gas Pump" and "Magnificent New Normal" and has presented regularly at "Science and Nonduality" as well as Open Circle. She engages and supports a global community of beautiful souls in various stages of awakening, embodiment and multidimensional acuity through awakening, soul evolution, and self-realization.