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Embodying The Mystery – Everyday Enlightenment ~ September 2019

This special series spans over three September 2019 weekends in order to fully transmit and stabilize the new level of clarity of fundamental transformation that is now accessible.

This 3 session transmission will explore the interface between high frequencies and the details of one’s life in the mundane and minutia. We will delve into the deepening of embodiment through our daily lives, with incremental healing transmissions to support transcendence integrating through our humanness and living the love, light and purity that we are.

The sessions include QnA with participants and healing transmissions.


Embodying the Illuminated Self ~ November 2019

lluminate Yourself Now & into 2020 !

You will receive:

~ 3 compelling recorded transmissions and wisdom that facilitates embodiment of your Highest Self

~ 1 bonus 30 min recording outlining the powerful times we are in and why this embodiment is essential now

Your highest frequencies of unconditional love, light and sound harmonize to bring your Higher Self into form. This series integrates and grounds the frequencies of your Higher Self into your physical body. Healing occurs on all levels through this process.

This video series has been so profound and impactful it is now available at a reduced rate ($29.99 with coupon code) to help quicken humanity’s awakening in 2020.

Please join me in illuminating your life now.

Light Manifestation Intensive ~ Feb 2020

This special series were originally live streamed throughout three February 2020 weekends and is now available for you in this video library

Please join me in this transformational upleveling through powerful transmissions and detailed steps to speed your self actualization and manifestation capacity.

Many of us have been manifesting our lives with disharmonious frequency patterns. This series focuses on updating our energies and patterns that influence our manifestation capacity on all dimensions to our highest frequency.

2020 is different. We now have greater access to our True Self and when we deeply align we can activate and engage our light manifestation capacity and impact our life in profound and wonderful ways.

We are Light manifesting Light.

The transmissions in this series will

increase the amount of Source Light you can access and take in
dissolve outdated painful patterns
illuminate your Being with the light of your true nature
increase your resonance with Source desire
uplevel your Soul capacity to manifest your highest goals and desires
support your awakening and embodiment of your true nature
reawaken the living the truth of you being light manifesting light

This series builds upon “Embodying the Illuminated Self“. If you have not yet experienced it, it is available in the library to prepare for this Light Manifestation Transmission Series.

Leveraging Light ~ March 2020

Communities are connecting.
Families are spending time together.
Stores are serving the elderly first.
Hustle ‘n’ Bustle is on pause.
The Earth is getting a break from emissions.

There are positives amidst the chaos. This livestream will address both the fear associated with the current circumstance and the gorgeous opportunities at hand. We will look at the transformation of consciousness inside and outside and the power and brilliance of the Mystery that sustains, heals and transforms us all.

Everything serves. As we meet our own fears and shadows and transform our inner world we transform the outer along with us. As we meet the collective stress as “weather patterns” moving through we need not be caught up in them and can maintain an inner balance that adds transformative balance to the collective.

Together in this live stream we will accelerate our own evolution and purification to support both ourselves and the whole. We cannot do another’s inner work for them, but by illuminating our field, we illuminate the collective field and make it lighter and easier for other’s to see, heal and make their own way.


Stabilizing Your Light ~ April 2020

We continue to deepen in the Light Embodiment process that is present and undergirding reality. The focus of this three session live stream series is to strengthen and stabilize your Light body frequencies into your physical body to help give you easier access to your true nature, offer greater stability accessing your Light amidst the variable outer world frequencies and support you sustaining your higher Light frequencies.