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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does one have to be in the same location as Kristin to receive the healing session?

No. Healing session are a multidimensional collaborative event and are not bound by linear physical parameters.

2. What does “multidimensional nature” mean?

Multidimensional refers to the inseparable and simultaneous experience of our singular and individual nature and absolute emptiness. It also equally refers to the many dimensions that this singular and individual nature manifests as and within. In this miraculous multiplicity of Self/No Self, we are the landscape, the experience and the experiencer simultaneously.

3. What happens in a session?

Your multidimensional totality is witnessed, loved and held within in the presence of healing beings that gather specifically for your healing session. We all rest together in a co-­created transformational field of consciousness for the healing. Through the collective wisdom and multidimensional functioning present, the reference points of contraction through your field (where identification is entangled) are witnessed, loved and fully met. This “full meeting” elicits the resolution of the contraction, and consciousness returns to its true nature free from identification.

4. What does Kristin do during a session?

Kristin is an embodied reference point and a flexible lens of consciousness. Identity is not fixed and is fluid throughout multiple dimensions of awareness. This flexibility and freedom of consciousness recognizes itself as pure awareness, and recognizes itself manifesting seamlessly as the dimensions themselves. With this recognition, multidimensional functioning is present. What might be called a skill or gift is simply a function of awareness, with no owner or doer. During a session there are many multidimensional functions that are present that Kristin consciously experiences and is not separate from. A collaboration of multidimensional beings co­-create the container for the healing as well as orchestrate the unfoldings and healing resolutions within the container.