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Learn the Meditation Tools for Embodied Awakening

AlcheME Basics is foundational but it’s definitely not just for beginners...

Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, AlcheME Basics meets you with simple yet powerful tools to facilitate and deepen your awakening and embodiment.

The meditation practices you will learn in this training will help you hone the inner-capacities you need to accelerate, deepen, embody, and stabilize your awakening. As you deepen your practice with these tools you discover you are creating your own reality which brings forth empowerment and freedom.

During these 7 session series, you will develop the specific focus and surrendering tools to support:

  • Maintaining clarity in the midst of inner and outer chaos

  • Sustaining and restoring emotional and mental balance

  • Developing powerful inner transformational capacities

  • Discovery of multidimensional perception

  • Release of egoic identification

We will use our own subtle anatomy as the focus of our practice to hone sustained focus and well aimed surrender. It is through this inner precision and practice you can support the transformation of your reality.

AlcheME Basics gives you the tools to explore your own inner landscape and meet your consciousness to surrender through the veils of self identity, where “you” discover the inseparable Oneness we are.

Awakening is a mystery and means different things to different people. AlcheME Basics gives you the tools to explore your own inner landscape and meet your consciousness to surrender through the veils of self identity, where the “individual you” that you will discover is the inseparable Oneness we are.

Learn the foundational skills to unlock your conscious awareness and live your true nature.

Learn the foundational skills to unlock your conscious awareness and live your true nature.

The Inner Tools You Will Hone:

  • Focusing - Learn single point, multi-point and non-location focused awareness as foundational skills for awakening.

  • Inner Tracking & Inner Vision - Hone your inner subtle perception to begin navigating your multidimensional consciousness.

  • Skilful Surrender - Discover and cultivate well aimed surrender through consciousness and duality into the totality of your Being.

  • Multidimensional Focus - Open to new embodied integrated states of consciousness as you learn how to focus and surrender through multiple frequencies simultaneously.

  • Living through the Heart - Surrender the duality of heart and mind in embodied union.

  • Multisensory Awareness - Begin opening to your innate multidimensional perception to deepen and integrate embodied awakening.

AlcheME Basics

What You Will Learn in this 7 session Training

Sharpen your meditation skills and navigate the subtle and multidimensional layers of your being


Develop the skills of single-, multi- point, & non-location focused awareness -- the building blocks for stabilizing and expanding the mind. We’ll develop each skill and synthesize them as a foundation for surrender, deeper awakening, and healing.

Learn Skilful

Learn specific techniques of focused surrender and begin developing your capacity to release identification with old patterns, past experience, self and duality. You will practice surrendering through aspects of your consciousness and discover the infinite wholeness within.

Inner Vision and Navigation

Hone inner-tracking, inner-sensing and scanning to develop your multi- dimensional senses. You will learn to refine your awareness of your inner reality. This includes your body, energetic anatomy and your consciousness.

Accessing Inner Expansion

Experience what it feels like to open to the expansive aspects of your Divine consciousness and know the ease, joy and gratitude that come along with higher frequencies of your being.

Aloha Dear One,

We're going to go in deeply and sharpen our meditation tools. Because we're working with consciousness itself, and everything is consciousness, you will use aspects of your inner reality as the practice ground, like an inner consciousness transformational training ground.

You will transform as a result of your focus and attention. This skill-building class will support awakening in all its dimensions.

AlcheMe Basics is for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced seekers and meditators alike who are committed to diving deep.

Whether you are interested in strengthening basic meditation skills, furthering your steady deep practice, or discovering tools to pierce through identity into awakening, you will have my support all along the way.

Allow yourself to be embraced in an energetic support container for the entire length of the course.

I look forward to being with you soon.




“Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.”
Rick Archer ~ Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

What Students are Saying

"I learned so much in a very short amount of time and gained so much clarity."


"Working with Kristin has blown my Mind quite literally! My mind (along with its self-judgment of “not good enough”, self-criticism and “pressure to get it right”) has stepped aside and become a tool again, instead of Being the Boss. This is a direct result of who Kristin is and how she works."


"Receiving transmissions from Kristin, while being immersed in the AlcheME class group energy, has lead to potent spiritual experiences. It has been a blessing!"


"I can't stop re-listening to class. The inner quiet is so DELICIOUS and expansive, yet grounded and present in my human self, and also the illuminated selves."


"Wow! The first class of AlcheME Basics catalyzed an expansion in my field of awareness as well as a clarity and silence that was still palpable when I woke up the next morning. Thank you so much!"


"Kristin’s powerful presence and beautiful, articulate and attuned guidance has been invaluable support for learning how to unlock my inner realms. Immersing oneself in Kristin’s work literally gives you the keys to the universe."


About Kristin

Kristin is an international healer and teacher who embodies and illuminates the inseparable union of awakening, multidimensional embodiment, transformational healing and self-realization. She offers extraordinary support for your awakening process by sharing her rare gift of multidimensional lucidity to guide and harmonize consciousness transformation.

Kristin’s authenticity and heart centered presence reside in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition. With contagious inspiration and enthusiasm, she articulates the ineffable and emanates a powerful healing transmission to illuminate and transform your inner reality.

In loving compassionate engagement, Kristin meets your mind, heart and soul through your multidimensional nature and unfolding stages of awakening, integration and self-realization.
Kristin offers online and in person awakening embodiment training programs, retreats, live stream events, and healing sessions internationally to support and facilitate embodied awakening, self-realization, personal transformation and multidimensional lucidity for individuals, groups and organizations. She is currently writing two books.

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"Your classes have changed my life."
Monica M, Educator

AlcheME Basics Includes $498 $249

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  • Integrative, companion worksheet for self-exploration with each video



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