Tools to Accelerate and Deepen Awakening & Embodiment
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Learn the foundational skills to unlock your conscious awareness and live your true nature.

AlcheME Basics Includes $498 $249

  • 1 year access to 7 Sessions of Core Awakening Tools (14+ hrs )

  • Integrative, companion worksheet for self-exploration with each video

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"AlcheME Is priceless and amazing, I feel the transmission
and get new insights every time I listen. "
~ K.M.

Learn the Meditation Tools for Awakening

Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, AlcheME Basics meets you with powerful practices to continually deepen your awakening, embodiment and self realization at every step of your journey. 

I am utterly delighted to offer you AlcheME Basics where I teach the key foundational skills to elicit and streamline awakening within yourself. These are the skills that opened my initial awakening and continues to deepen my self realization today.

The Awakening Tools You Will Learn

Focus Awareness - Learn single point, multi-point and non-location focused awareness to accelerate awakening and embodiment

Skilful Surrender - Develop your capacity to surrender through consciousness, identification with old patterns, past experience, self and duality.

Combine Focus and Surrender - Experience and engage the embodied kinaesthetic alchemy of simultaneous focus and surrender.

Living Embodied Heart-Mind Synthesis - Surrender the duality of heart and mind in embodied union to discover and stabilize inner balance and awakened consciousness..

Multisensory Awareness - Basic Introduction to multidimensional consciousness, navigation and embodiment.




  • Open to pure awareness

  • Release egoic identification

  • Align with your core essence and Source

  • Expand, integrate and ground spiritual reality

  • Experience wholeness and empowered vitality

  • Develop transformational, inner healing capacities

  • Maintain peace and clarity in the midst of life’s changes

  • Discover the exquisiteness of your multidimensional self

  • Connect with your true nature in the midst of day-to-day life

  • Restore and sustain emotional, mental and spiritual balance

  • Experience new depths of inner expansion, creativity and love

About Kristin

Kristin is an international healer and teacher who embodies and illuminates the inseparable union of awakening, multidimensional embodiment, transformational healing and self-realization. She offers extraordinary support for your awakening process by sharing her rare gift of multidimensional lucidity to guide and harmonize the transformation of consciousness.Kristin’s authenticity and heart-centered presence reside in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition. With contagious inspiration and enthusiasm, she articulates the ineffable and emanates a powerful healing transmission to illuminate and transform your inner reality.In loving compassionate engagement, Kristin meets your mind, heart and soul through your multidimensional nature and unfolding stages of awakening, integration and self-realization.

Kristin offers in person and online awakening-embodiment training programs, retreats, live stream events and healing sessions internationally to support and facilitate embodied awakening, self-realization, personal transformation and multidimensional lucidity for individuals, groups and organizations. She is currently writing two books.

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"Your classes have changed my life."
Monica M, Educator

AlcheME Basics Includes $498 $249

  • 4  month access to 7 Sessions of Core Awakening Tools (14+ hrs )

  • Integrative, companion worksheet for self-exploration with each video



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