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Vision and Spiritual Awakening: Healing the Eye / " I "

People tend to separate the eye from the I and distort reality through a lens of survival, safety and separation. Join Kristin Kirk and Dr.Marc Grossman for a Dynamic Dialog and LIVE Q&A, about clarifying and maintaining a healthy Eye / "I" and inner and outer vision. The similarity between eye health and a healthy inner "I" is profound.

Kristin Kirk (spiritual teacher, healer & 18 yrs of awakening expertise) and Marc Grossman (optometrist, acupuncturist and author & 40 yrs of expertise) are unique experts in their own fields and together they offer eye/I opening, ground breaking, synergistic brilliance on how to clarify and heal your eye/I from the inside out. Learn how vision and awakening dovetail and have your personal questions answered live about your eye/I, vision and spiritual awakening.