Healing Sessions

IMG_0172Healing Sessions are a powerful, divine gift of multidimensional consciousness transformation. They are offered in support of the evolution of consciousness and the awakening of humanity.

This potent transformational healing field of unconditional love and evolving perfection is your very nature and guides you home while resolving the experience of separation and suffering.

It is within this field, that Kristin’s loving embrace of all that is and multidimensional acuity bring forth an unconditionally loving precision that addresses and uproots deep underlying misconceptions about the nature of who you really are.

Healing sessions directly support awakening, multidimensional integration, self realization, and embodiment.

Kristin is currently available for Series Sessions and Monthly Sessions.

Series Sessions

Intimate and profound, these healing sessions allow for both ongoing  and   one on one dialog  within a small and consistent healing group.

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Monthly Healing Sessions

Potent and affordable, these once a month healing sessions are through live video stream or conference call.

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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are being paused until further notice. Please join Kristin in the sessions listed above. ~Namaste

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Kauai Live Stream &  Healing Sessions

Whether you are interested in just the remote healing or participating in the live stream, you are welcome to join from wherever you are. Questions can be emailed and addressed during satsang. You will be included in all group healings, and immersed in the transformational healing field throughout the entirely of the retreat. March 18-24

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Polihale Healing Sessions

Dive into the healing field with us on the silent Polihale camping retreat! 8 day, 5 day and 3 day options.

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Here is Video Excerpt from a presentation in Sedona Arizona on October 8th, 2016 responding to a question about whether or not her own conditioned perspective gets in the way of healing sessions. Her first response, not in the video is, “I am going to give you a much fuller answer.”