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Are You Ready to Discover and Accelerate your Inner Mastery? Are you Ready to Exponentially Evolve & Expand Into Your Deepest Wholeness and Joy?

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If you are called to be a part of this cutting edge spiritual acceleration and personal development program here are the steps to take and the dates to plan for.

    • Christ and Buddha, among others, are shining facets of the singular Divine. They each amplify and radiate unique qualities of the One Totality we ARE. As you deepen and expand your conscious embodiment of Source, your special and unique radiance shines brighter, and you discover ALL is within you, Your diamond facet of the Divine sparkles with individual splendor while inseparably dancing Oneness. Discover and embody your luminous faceted unique radiance of Source and shine and play along with the masters within.Completion of AlcheME Initiation Video series is a prerequisite to join this course. Contact us for more
      -Advanced AlcheME III: Radiant Diamond Self

    • Learn Kristin’s timeless unique tools to both initiate and deepen awakening. For Beginners and Advanced practitioners. ( Powerful stand alone program, not a prerequisite.)
      -AlcheME Awakening Essentials Video Series 2021 Available

    • Initiation Journey ~ Learn, Embody and Discover the core foundational AlcheME inner alignment, tools, maps and inner coordinates of your enlightenment, infinite joy and Self directed transformation. (Stand alone and/or prerequisite for Advanced LIVE or recorded.)
      -AlcheME Initiation Video Series Available

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