Kauai, HI

The Kauai retreats have changed to reflect continual shifts in the collective field. Both Retreats will focus on “Deepening in the Heart of Nothing“. The retreats will build on each other, but you may come to one or the other or both. There are no requirements or prerequisites, for either, only your willingness and deep desire to discover what is true.

The House Retreat will NOT be silent and offer us more opportunity for interaction and deepening outside of the satsang structure.

The Camping Retreat will Be Silent and offers the profound presence and power of Polihale to deepen you unfolding.

The paradox of Being & Not Being, Everything &Nothing and Self & No-Self falls away. Consciousness comfortably rests prior to ‘becoming’ in the Heart of Nothing. The play of Self-Realization unfolds itself in unending mystery as paradoxes disappear into that which they continually arise from. Unknown becomes known as Self realizes itself more deeply, continually revealing the next horizon of unknown mystery of No Self to surrender through. Resting in the Heart of Nothing, Self and No Self are One.


2018 Kauai House Retreat & Live Stream: 3/18 – 3/24/ 2018
~”House Retreat”~

2018 Kauai Camping Retreat Dates: 4/22 – 4/27/ 2018 (extended Sacred Journey 4/27-4/29)
~”Polihale Camping Retreat”~

Immersion into this powerful magnificent land magnifies and enhances the inner process of awakening, the deepening of self realization and integration of multidimensional existence. Please join me for one or both retreats for a life changing experience.
With Love and Aloha
~ Kristin