Healing In the Soul Classroom
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You are warmly invited to join the Soul Classroom to heal ancient wounds, transform eons of karma back into light and access your awakened heart.

The Soul Classroom is a real multidimensional classroom, outside of time and space that your soul remembers.

Together... with your Enlightened Self, 1000’s of Master Beings and souls all over the world, we ... Transform wounds into wisdom & karma into Light.

Kristin’s mastery and expertise comes from awakened access to her soul’s timeless wisdom and experience, and is free from any spiritual tradition.

The Soul Classroom is limitless. We can heal lifetimes of soul patterns, explore infinite possibilities and then co-create new soul possibilities, with your enlightened heart's desire."

~  Kristin Kirk

A heartfelt personal invitation from Kristin

Dear Blessed One,

I am delighted to invite you to join me in the Soul Classroom to discover your awakening heart and extraordinary possibilities.

We meet multidimensionally in the Soul Classroom and bridge the gap to your enlightened self to heal and transform lifetimes of pain and karma.

My heartfelt goal is to support you ignite and stabilize awakened consciousness.

The gifts I share became available to me after an awakening in 2003. The veils between dimensions dissolved, and I began accessing and understanding the profound and exquisite inner workings of our consciousness and reality.

I began remembering a soul mastery of teaching Guides in the Soul Classroom how to facilitate the Soul Classroom healing.

I now share this healing with you.

You are warmly invited to join me and experience this profound opportunity.

Come join me in the Soul Classroom to...
- Access your awakened heart and enlightened self
- Heal lifetimes of pains and patterns
- Return wounds and karma into divine wholeness
- Dissolve entrenched blocks to living an awakened life
- Rewrite your ancient stories in the Soul Classroom with Masters
- Expand your soul's wisdom, opportunities and growth horizon
- Manifest your highest evolution
- Live from your awakened heart

You are extraordinary, beyond your wildest imaginings. Please join me LIVE, and discover the infinite possibilities. 

I look forward to seeing your stunning brilliant self in the Soul Classroom.

Love, Kristin

Divine Heart Awakening Transmission
Feb 18th, 2023
3pm ET / noon PT

“Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.”
Rick Archer ~ Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump

“Your classes have changed my life!”
Monica M. ~ Educator

Wow! Wow! Wow! That was amazing!”
David S. ~ Investment Banker

Experience your Pure Awakened Heart &
Heal from the inside out.

FREE Transmission Only
Divine Heart Awakening

Recorded LIVE from the Soul Classroom

Divine Heart Awakening Transmission

Recorded LIVE from the Soul Classroom

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“This work is freaking powerful!
You are an amazing woman and energetic force..”
K.V.T. ~ Transformation Coach and Artist

About Kristin

​​​​​​Kristin experienced her first shift in consciousness in 1991 when her sense of “I AM” shifted and she began communicating with plants and animals and spirit guides.

In 2003, after a series of three inner experiments, of setting aside fear, engaging a fierce inner willingness and surrendering, a second shift of identity from the personal self to the universal self occurred.
Kristin began seeing vivid pictures of her client’s unresolved experiences appearing within their bodies and souls. Along with the images came the ability to transform the painful stories and emotional wounds back into original wholeness, joy, love and light.

Kristin has presented at The Science and Nonduality Conference numerous times and been interviewed on Buddha At the Gas Pump, A Magnificent New Normal and Beyond The Ordinary show to mention a few.

Kristin Kirk's authentic heart-centered teaching and embodied presence are free from any spiritual tradition and all are welcome.


“What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin
is she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo.”
Andrew M. ~ Acupuncturist


“It’s like you found the volume control on my anxiety valve
and turned it way down.”
R.S. ~ Nurse

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Six Steps to embodying the Enlightenment Templates Groundbreaking series to use during sleep
  I. Heal The Inner Masculine/Feminine Duality
  II. Inner Union of the Divine Masc and Fem
  III. Meet Your Enlightened Self
  IV. Mystical Miracle Making
  V. Rainbow Light Body Bridge
  VI. Ascension Embodied

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Bonus One

Solstice Soul Clearing

Bonus Two

Light Infusion Transmission

More Testimonials

“Kristin’s transformative healing can facilitate profound shifts in consciousness.”
- S.N.
“Words cannot explain the deep shifts I’ve experienced.”
- L.M.
“Thank you very much. It was a powerful healing on many levels.”
- Kim R.
“That was spectacular! Thank you.”
- Nancy B.
"Fabulous session, so physically and spiritually transformational, spectacular!"
- Douglas K.
"Oh my gosh- that was the most amazing experience today. I’ve never had such a powerful experience. So much light and expansion throughout!"
- Judy K.
"The Light I felt pouring in was exquisite and more powerful than anything I have experienced before. And yet at the same time it was so gentle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Marie B.
"My whole body (multidimensional body) feels like one big smile flooded with golden light."
- John R.
“That was beyond wonderful!! So much light!”
- Matt D.
“Receiving energy work from Kristin has been life-transforming
- K. M.
“This work is freaking powerful! You are an amazing woman and energetic force.”
- K. V. T.

* My Personal Promise & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Soul Classroom is extremely deep, and although many experience profound insights, shifts and physical and energetic changes from the transmissions, it is not always consciously felt by everyone. Profound transformation is happening on the soul level whether you feel dramatic or subtle changes before, during or after the transmissions or not at all.

‍Some will feel the power and some will not and it doesn't matter. Your inner guidance will direct you whether to continue with the Soul Classroom transmissions or not. If you feel you have received no benefit from the transmissions or the live Soul Classroom healing and wish to have a full refund within your first month and cancel at any time free of contract, please email me.