Kristin is an international healer and teacher who embodies and radiates the inseparable union of awakening, multidimensional embodiment, transformational healing and self-realization. She offers extraordinary support for your awakening process by sharing her rare gift of awakened multidimensional consciousness and powerful transmissions to guide, accelerate and harmonize: awakening; embodiment; soul evolution; and, the transformation of consciousness. 

Kristin’s authenticity and heart centered presence reside in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition. With contagious inspiration and enthusiasm, she articulates the ineffable and emanates a powerful healing transmission to illuminate and transform your inner reality.

Kristin’s awakening in 2003 revealed profound healing gifts and an unusually refined awareness of subtle inner workings of consciousness. In loving compassionate engagement, she meets your mind, heart and soul through your multidimensional nature and unfolding stages of awakening, integration and self-realization. 

Kristin offers online and in person awakening embodiment training programs, retreats, live stream events, and healing sessions internationally to support and facilitate awakening, embodiment, self-realization, personal transformation and multidimensional lucidity for individuals, groups and organizations.  She is currently writing two books.

In 1991, Kristin woke one morning recognizing her sense of I Am shifted from her limited human perspective to her soul consciousness. As a result, the inner landscape of awareness began revealing itself and Kristin began opening to our natural state in which we communicate telepathically with animals, plants and spirit guides, and access a more expansive ‘past life’ and cosmic memory. Years later in 2003, after a simple experiment with setting aside fear of the unknown and surrendering inwardly, Kristin found herself working consciously with a team of multidimensional beings and rapidly remembering the healing and teaching path that is the purpose of this incarnation. As consciousness continued to reveal itself within her, identity dissolution and multidimensional existence became the playground for limitless self-realization, healing, teaching and energetic transmission. As her internal perspective shifted, the dimensions, universes and the Beings within them became visible,  accessible and inseparable.  Simultaneously identification continued dissolving within the layers of Being along with a deepening of the multidimensional healing gifts.

Self realization is not an end point but one realization of infinite realizations within this endless Divine Mystery of Being.  And thus, the wonder and magnificence of this embodied Mystery that we all Are, continues the exquisite game of “peak a boo” and self discovery in expanding, joyous embodied detail.


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Snowflakes and Rainbows: A True Story of Self Realization

Aside from the photos that she is in, all other photographs on this website were taken by Kristin.

Kristin is available for speaking engagements, healing events and retreats if you would like to co-create or host an online or in-person event.

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Prior to Kristin’s awakening Kristin was certified in Zen shiatsu by Janet Isabelle Murphy, founder of The Shiatsu Studio, in the lineage of Ryuho Yamada ( Shunryu Suzuki’s private personal physician) and is a licensed massage therapist.  She has taught shiatsu at Stillpoint School of Massage, at Greenfield Community College, and at the local Five College Consortium. Kristin has had the honor and pleasure to have studied with brilliant and unique groundbreaking individuals such as Malidoma Some, Kurt Leland, Richard Bartlett, Master Tom Tam, Ellen Tadd and Pricilla Kapel. She has appreciated the wisdom and gifts of Amma, Adyashanti, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Hafiz and Sri Nisargadatta.  The inexhaustible, unspeakable constant presence of the Absolute, as It’s pure No Self, and all It’s multidimensional manifestations has been the profoundly beloved Self guiding and teaching all along the way.