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We are Source Self in totality, and simultaneously we are the projection of Source in/as all realms which includes being a human being here on beloved planet earth. There is no separation whatsoever. There has never been. Separation is literally impossible. Nothing or non-existence is the dissolution of I AM at any reference point, or resting place from which perception is experienced. Source can never be known, since the knower must surrender it’s perception point to that which it arises from.  It is in this surrender that Nothing is realized. It is in this surrender to absolute non-existence and simultaneous embodiment of the multiplicity of being that we fall open to the unfathomable mystery of our true nature.” ~ Kristin


Kristin Kirk’s authentic heart-centered teaching, acuity and embodied presence reside in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition. She experienced an initial awakening in 2003 which revealed profound healing gifts and an unusually refined awareness of subtle inner workings of consciousness.

Kristin illuminates the ineffable with stunning articulation the mind can understand, and rich descriptive detail the” felt sense” can follow, along with a potent transmission that transforms your path. With contagious inspiration and enthusiasm, Kristin meets your mind, heart and body through the multidimensional aspects and stages of awakening, integration, embodiment and self-realization.

Kristin offers retreats, online courses and healing sessions internationally to support and facilitate the awakening process and is currently writing a book.


In 1991, Kristin began communicating telepathically with animals, plants and spirit guides, and accessing ‘past life’ memory. After a simple experiment with setting aside fear of the unknown in August, 2003, Kristin found herself working consciously with a team of multidimensional beings and rapidly remembering the healing and teaching path that is the purpose of this incarnation. As consciousness revealed itself within her, multidimensional existence became the playground for self-realization, healing, teaching and energetic transmission. As her internal perspective shifted, dimensions, universes and the Beings within them became visible and accessible, along with a simultaneous dissolving of identification and appearance of multidimensional healing gifts. As life continued to unfold and reveal itself, everything mentioned above has become divine play and the universes that are danced within are simultaneously inseparably on the inside.

This divine mystery of the inseparability of Being and Absolute Nothing continues to dance, revealing itself, ever evolving, and mysteriously experiencing it’s dancing. For now, it seems the realization of No Self is not an end point but one realization of infinite realizations within this endless divine mystery.  The wonder and magnificence continues simultaneously dissolving and expanding in the evolutionary spiral of Infinite Existence, the dance of Absolute Nothing.

Kristin Kirk was certified in Zen shiatsu by Janet Isabelle Murphy, founder of The Shiatsu Studio, in the lineage of Ryuho Yamada and is a licensed massage therapist.  She has taught shiatsu at Stillpoint School of Massage, at Greenfield Community College, and at the local Five College Consortium. Kristin has had the honor and pleasure to have studied with brilliant and unique groundbreaking individuals such as Malidoma Some, Kurt Leland, Richard Bartlett, Master Tom Tam, Ellen Tadd and Pricilla Kapel. She has appreciated the wisdom and gifts of Amma, Adyashanti, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Hafiz and Sri Nisargadatta.  The inexhaustible, unspeakable constant presence of the Absolute, as It’s pure No Self, and all It’s multidimensional manifestations has been the profoundly beloved teacher all along the way.

Aside from the photos that she is in, all other photographs on this website were taken by Kristin.