“I feel you are spearheading a new direction in our human evolution.”
B.R. - Inventor

“Your classes have changed my life!”
Monica M. — Educator

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• Heal wounds into wisdom
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Kristin Kirk’s Monthly Soul Classroom memberships with Live Transmission, Healing, Teaching, Meditation & more

Meet your soul, your enlightened self, and your infinite capacity to heal.
Experience Light Speed Evolution as we generate and actualize quantum soul leaps now and into your future.

Stay current with the Cosmos and receive monthly evolutionary uploads, downloads and enlightening embodiment transmissions soul streamed from Source, into you.

"In the soul classroom, we access your entire life plan, your greatest possibilities, and everything that is weighing you down from experiencing your greatest joy and highest potential.

With collaborative mastery, we transform the karma and wounded soul patterning that has kept you in repetitive cycles for lifetimes to free your consciousness now.

Together, we dissolve your inner stumbling blocks back into the exquisitely felt wholeness you innately are."

~  Kristin Kirk

A heartfelt personal invitation from Kristin

Dear Blessed One,

It is with absolute heartfelt enthusiasm that I invite you to meet me in the Soul Classroom. It is an extraordinary joy to meet you multidimensionally in your human, enlightened and Infinite Self all at the same time.

The Soul Classroom is a real multidimensional metaphysical space, that your soul remembers, where Cosmic and Master Beings of all levels of existence aligned with Source, gather to accelerate enlightenment and evolution for you and all humanity.

It has been exceptionally rare to consciously meet in the Soul Classroom while in the human body until now.

I remember teaching other guides in the Soul Classroom how to facilitate this type of healing, while I was in between lifetimes without a human body. It is an exquisite joy for me to be in this body here with you and to be able to serve at this capacity while supporting you remember your multidimensional magnificence.

Life is an exquisite journey, sometimes with rollercoasters, death defying leaps and exhilarating highs. Our bodies are a vehicle for consciousness to explore, live, thrive and die, while miraculously and simultaneously we are INFINITE, creating multiple opportunities for exploration and divine experience. We create realms and universes to discover and embody and incarnate within.

My awakening gifts enable me to see all this in myself and others in detail in this lifetime  so I understand you and your pain and your joy and your history with profound detail from the inside out through the Soul Classroom and through our shared Infinite Oneness.

We meet in the Soul Classroom to literally heal your ancient wounds in the light of your authentic brilliance. We dissolve misguided perceptions, tainted filters, embedded traumas, lifetimes of mental and emotional patterns, outdated karma, and all the perfect layers of stories that led you to this moment.

We bask within your brilliant Divine Purity and Essence, your exquisite soul's path and multiple possibilities available for your evolution and growth for you to embody in this lifetime.

Together we explore the highest possible avenue for you to accelerate, your human and soul growth with the greatest ease and grace in divine timing. And, we are joined by the hundreds of guides in the Soul Classroom, from Devic Beings to Deities and Enlightened Masters, we collaboratively orchestrate and support your soul's evolution and highest probabilities.

My awakening revealed my ability to see through the extraordinary layers of our consciousness and the capacities to transform consciousness within. It is with utter humility and awe that I meet the miraculous creation that We Are as the mastermind heart weaving brilliance of existence reveals it's unending mystery and love.

My transformation resulted in gifts that can both transform you and teach you how to access your own Enlightened Self. My deep calling is to support humanity awakening and create a global shift in consciousness. It only takes just under one percent of a population meditating to shift the collective. Please join me each month in the Soul Classroom and be the one percent that creates the global shift and awakening.

The epiphany in my own journey was to realise that you don't have to understand me or how these transmissions work. Your soul does. You don't have to see what I see to join the Soul Classroom and to benefit from the infinite wisdom and healing that is available.

My life completely changed after my awakening in 2003 as my life's purpose became clear. The extraordinary spiritual gifts (siddhis), that unfolded now offer both a window into the utter magnificence of Our Being as well as the capacity to illuminate profound transformation for myself and others.

Although I didn't recognize it was an aspect of awakening at the time, I was aware in 1991 when my sense of "I Am" changed. At that time I also began accessing past life memory and multidimensional communication with animals and spiritual guides.

This developed further after 2003 with a more significant shift in consciousness along with lucid access to the multidimensional realms of existence that are a part of all of us and our creation. My experience of reality is unusual and serves the purpose of Soul Classroom orchestration.

I recognize and experience love, light, consciousness, physics, physiology, karma, creation, universes, atoms, elements, angels, master beings, devas, the Earth, galaxies and you, all as one seamless, profound, magnificent inseparably woven manifestation of Source in oneness and miraculous multiplicity simultaneously.

The details are so ecstatic and exquisite within me that I am compelled to share. And I realize you don't have to understand the details the way I do; you will experience the magnificent truth of who you are in your own uniquely divine way. And so I share the brilliance of our True Nature through the Soul Classroom where your soul learns exponentially for lifetimes and you download what your soul desires for this life in your own perfect timing now.

Together we work with your soul and your enlightened self and a multitude of master beings to evolve your highest probabilities and outcomes for this life and beyond.

It's my greatest joy to bridge the gap between you and your Higher Self and help you connect to the infiniteness that you already are that you may have forgotten. My goal is to support you embodying your Highest Self and remembering that you are Source, and as a result, you and your life are gloriously transformed.

I looking forward to meeting you in the Soul Classroom.


The Soul Classroom is within you and accessible from anywhere: your couch, your meditation cushion, Timbuktu and anywhere where YOU ARE. So you can join me from the comfort of your own home and experience the Soul Classroom live.


In addition to meeting with me live each month you will have access to the replay, and I will share over a 150 hours of live recorded healings and classes in your video library within your membership.


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"You chose to be here now during these extraordinary times of transformation. Simply by being your true authentic awakened self, you and your life are illuminated, and your transformation ignites global transformation."
~  Kristin Kirk

"Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible."
— Rick Archer - host of "Buddha at the Gas Pump"

What’s so extraordinary and rare about the Soul Classroom?
Can an ordinary person benefit from this, or do I need some special capacity?
What are the benefits of experiencing monthly cosmic updates in the Soul Classroom?
More about the Soul Classroom...

"This work is freaking powerful!
You are an amazing woman and energetic force."
— K.V.T. - Transformation Coach and Artist

About Kristin

Kristin experienced her first shift in consciousness in 1991 when her sense of "I Am" shifted and she began communicating with plants and animals and spirit guides, while maintaining her full time Shiatsu massage therapy practice.

During a private session in 2003 Kristin began seeing highly detailed imagery and information along with vast spiritual insight and the capacity to transform the old stories and the emotional wounds from people's bodies, psyches and souls.

Kristin's sense of self continued to purify through each session she gave as she met the individual's emotional stories and karma inseparable from her own and collective totality. Dissolving story and identity in oneness her consciousness transformed along with those she served.

Kristin's consciousness and healing evolved through soulscapes to collective and global landscapes and beyond into galactic and multiverse reality creation.

Kristin is available to engage with individuals, groups and corporations to support rapid and radical spiritual alignment and change in the inner and outer worlds.

She lives in Hawaii & Massachusetts and offers online and in-person transformational healing and teaching. She loves exploring and living in the exquisite Oneness that nature so readily offers and enjoying the miraculousness of life.

Kristin currently is writing two books and is available for healing and speaking engagements including podcasts and events.

What will you receive with your monthly membership

Your Live Monthly Cosmic Updates in the Soul Classroom

• LIVE Stream Soul Classroom participation each month
  - Soul Classroom transmissions
  - Inspirational teachings
  - Integrative recommendations
  - Meditation
• Live stream Playback included

Video Library Access

• 150 hours of unlimited access to live recorded courses:

- 40+ powerful and unique healing transmissions
- Potent immersive class series and special recordings

Your Video Library Includes:
(Richard and Kylie, do we include all this below, or in the two boxes above, or abbreviated only by total hours listed, i.e 150hr and 350hr?)

Basic Membership Video Library

  • Healing Library - 100+ hours of transmissions

  • Embodying the Mystery Everyday Enlightenment - 8 hour course

  • Embodying the Illuminated Self - 9 hour course

  • Light Manifestation Intensive - 8 hour course

  • Stabilizing Your Light - 8 hour course

Plus Membership Video Library

  • Everything from the Basic Membership, plus:

  • All Courses Video Library - 200 hours

  • All Retreats Video Library - 140 hours of potent immersive retreats (Richard and Kylie not sure if I'd like to include this)

  • Special Event Video Library - 25 hours

Additional Bonus Materials

Bonus One
Solstice Soul Clearing

Karmic clearing transmission

Clear lifetimes of karma effortlessly
Release eons of limiting patterns
Transform shadows into light
Dissolve outdated limited identities
Strengthen your illuminated presence
Reveal and uncover your limitless nature

Timeless Soul Clearing Transmissions. This potent healing calibrates you to the highest frequency possible and transforms outdated conditioning every time you listen.
Duration: 1.5 hr

Bonus Two
Light Infusion Transmission

Gentle restoration transmission

Bask in your Enlightened Self
Feel the embrace of unconditional love
Saturate in the divinity of your true nature
Rest in true purity and healing
Transform in the presence of Source within
Rest in divine embrace
Heal in your enlightened radiance

Rest and bask in the powerful and transformative illumination, purity and healing light of your Enlightened Self and the gentle yet potent transmission.
Duration: 1hr

Kristin Kirk


Here’s everything you will receive as a
Soul Classroom member each month

Live participation and transmissions from the Soul Classroom
• Monthly Playback added to your library
Video Library access to 150+ hours :

~ 4 recorded live courses with transmissions

- Embodying the Mystery Everyday Enlightenment 9hr
- Embody Illuminated Self 9hr
- Light manifestation Intensive 7hr
- Stabilize your light 7hr

~ over 40 live recorded healing sessions

PLUS You’ll Receive These 2 Additional Bonuses

Bonus One

Solstice Soul Clearing
1.5 hrs

Bonus Two

Light Infusion Transmission
1 hr

Only $37 a month for everything!


Please join Kristin LIVE each month!

My Personal Promise & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Soul Classroom is extremely deep, and although many experience profound insights, shifts and physical and energetic changes from the transmissions, it is not always consciously felt by everyone. Profound transformation is happening on the soul level whether you feel dramatic or subtle changes before, during or after the transmissions or not at all.

‍Some will feel the power and some will not and it doesn't matter. Your inner guidance will direct you whether to continue with the Soul Classroom transmissions or not. If you feel you have received no benefit from the transmissions or the live Soul Classroom healing and wish to have a full refund within your first 2 weeks free of contract, please email me.

What Students are Saying about Kristin

"What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin is she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo."
— Andrew M. - Acupuncturist

Wow! Wow! Wow! That was amazing!”


“Powerful and transformative… essential nourishment for my soul.”

- Michael B., healer

“Your gifts are profoundly beautiful and awesome to behold. Thank-you for unlocking a lifetime’s worth of holding patterns I have struggled with.”

- Meredith M., healer

“It’s like you found the volume control on my anxiety valve and turned it way down.”

- R.S., nurse

“Working with Kristin has been life-changing for me.”

- K.M., fundraiser

“I found my childhood “joy for no reason” again.”


“Working with Kristin literally gives oneself keys to the universe.”


“I spent many years in India, and sat with a number of Indian saints. People gather around these beings because of the energetic field that surrounds them. Kristin has the same ability, to generate a powerful field of energy that can transform those around her.”


“Working with Kristin has blown my Mind quite literally! My mind, along with its self-judgment of 'not good enough', self-criticism and 'pressure to get it right', has stepped aside. This is a direct result of who Kristin is and how she works.”


“Kristin’s transformative healing can facilitate profound shifts in consciousness.”

- S.N.

“I am so much freer in how I express myself and in how much I just AM. I am happy, happy, happy. I am blessed, blessed, blessed. Thank you!”


“Words cannot explain the deep shifts I’ve experienced.”


“The sessions have been so powerful! And… things are continue to shift which I’m very grateful for…”

- Sheila S.

“I can't stop re-listening to class. The inner quiet is so DELICIOUS and expansive, yet grounded and present in my human self, and also the illuminated selves.”


“I feel the transmission and get new insights every time I listen.”

- KATHLEEN M., Radiologist

“Kristin’s healing gifts, authenticity and understanding never cease to amaze me.”

- K.R., yoga instructor

“Words cannot express my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the influence you have had on my life.”

- Chris P., Artist

“It’s been a phenomenal experience. The light and love created in the group is incredibly supportive. Thank you so much!”

- M.M., healer

“This class was AMAZING !”

- Alex Stenson, Teenager

“I learned so much in a very short amount of time and gained so much clarity.”


“I could really feel the synergy of the group. There is no doubt about the powerful depth of our meditation together I can feel it.”

- Tony S.

“Kristin is unafraid to be the voice and space of clarity this world needs. She is unhurried in how she creates sacred space and it makes for lasting transformation. I so appreciate how Kristin takes the care needed to share the most abstract and almost ‘indescribable’ experiences, putting them into relatable language and palpable transmission.”

- Shatay

“Your words were immaculate and where there was darkness or confusion, there is more light and awareness! So much pragmatic advice tonight that reached me on many dimensions as I FEEL it. All your sessions are amazing but this one hit it out of the “cosmic park”! I will be reviewing this FOR SURE soon!”

- B.F., Gardener

“The live stream healing was awesome!!! You really hit that one out of the park! So clear! So impactful! It filled me with so much energy and gratitude that I literally got out of my chair about 3 times to bounce around before I could continue listening to the video. Loved it and thank you!”

- L.B., High Frequency Influencer

“Kristin’s classes have opened up access to worlds I only dreamed of. The skills I have acquired have given me the ability to pursue my path as a medical intuitive.”

- R.B., intuitive healer

“Thank-you for helping me to remember the dimensions, the realities, and all that is always within me- what is always available – what is. You speak a language that calls me home.”

- J.M. entrepreneur

“That was a seriously fabulously rich class!! I had to tell you how much I appreciated it! It will be one that will be watched and re-watched!!! Thank you so much!!!”

- Bonnie F., Landscaper

“Thanks Kristin for your message, your sincerity always comes true Crystal clear.”

- Jamie

“Kristin brings an extraordinary level of compassion, acceptance, wisdom, curiosity, and delight to her work, as well as an important, deep understanding that we as humans are all ‘gloriously messy.”

- Sherry C., Librarian

“I’m just wanting to acknowledge the profound feelings of contented peaceful receptivity and goodness I am experiencing.”

- Trish Salazar, LMT

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel what's happening in the Soul Classroom?
What is so unusual about Kristin and what is her role in the Soul Classroom?
Will this benefit my awakening process?
What changes can I expect in my life?
Is this safe to use the transmissions while driving or multitasking?
Can my pets benefit from the transmissions?
I still don't get it. How does it work?
What is the difference between the live
transmissions and the recordings?
What if I miss the live transmission? Will I still be included? Can I do something else at the same time?

Kristin Kirk


Here’s everything you will receive as a
Soul Classroom member each month

Live participation and transmissions from the Soul Classroom
• Monthly Playback added to your library
Video Library access to 150+ hours :

~ 4 recorded live courses with transmissions

- Embodying the Mystery Everyday Enlightenment 9hr
- Embody Illuminated Self 9hr
- Light manifestation Intensive 7hr
- Stabilize your light 7hr

~ over 40 live recorded healing sessions

PLUS You’ll Receive These 2 Additional Bonuses

Bonus One

Solstice Soul Clearing
1.5 hrs

Bonus Two

Light Infusion Transmission
1 hr

Only $37 a month for everything!