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Kristin offers 20 years of direct awakening, healing and multidimensional embodiment expertise.

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Welcome Beautiful,

I am so glad you are here. Your awakening and accessing your enlightened self is the answer to all your heart's desires and life's struggles. The fabulous news is that I can help you accelerate your awakening. And even more fabulous news is your wholeness is already here waiting to be discovered.

I deeply understand the insatiable calling to remember who you are, to heal and to recover your innate wholeness in this life. This insatiable desire called me back to Source to discover the truth of what we all are. This truth has revealed extraordinary healing gifts for me to share with you that transform the deep soul wounds that shape our lives, and that ignite an accelerated path of self mastery for you and all of humanity. 

Life has brought you here to this moment. Perhaps you have landed here with your insides calling you to know the absoluteness of who you are, or to heal deep painful patterns, or to awaken, or to live your life from within the innate wholeness that deep down you know already exists. 

"I spent many years in India, and sat with a number of Indian saints. People gather around these beings because of the energetic field that surrounds them. Kristin has the same ability, to generate a powerful field of energy that can transform those around her."

— D.U. ~ Lifelong Practitioner

Then our desires and goals are aligned and it is my absolute joy to meet you right now, here on your path, and to invite you to the next steps in your healing journey home from healing to awakening and through embodied self realization. 

I look forward to being with you and supporting you on your journey to self realization!


"Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible."
— Rick Archer - host of "Buddha at the Gas Pump"

“What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin isshe just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo. — A.M.

“I feel you are spearheading a new direction in our human evolution.” — B.R.

“Working with Kristin literally gives oneself keys to the universe.” — J.B.

“It’s like you found the volume control on my anxiety valve
and turned it way down.” — R.S.


with kristin kirk


"This work is freaking powerful! You are an amazing woman and energetic force."

— K.V.T. - Transformation Coach and Artist

"Working with Kristin has blown my Mind quite literally!"

— Nancy

"Thank you for the profound healing and knowledge."

— Patrick

"The sessions have been so powerful! And… things are continue to shift which I’m very grateful for…"

— Sheila