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Advanced and Mastery AlcheME (TBA)


All AlcheME trainings meet you exactly where you are on the path right now whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner.

AlcheME is a cutting edge enlightenment embodiment training program teaching on multiple levels of consciousness.



"I feel you are spearheading a new direction in our human evolution."  
~ B. R.

"AlcheMe literally gives oneself keys to the universe."  ~ J. B.

"Your classes have changed my life!"  ~ M. M.

At this moment, we are in an extraordinarily pivotal time as humanity awakens.

AlcheME is created specifically for these times, meeting you at your exact stage of awakening and accelerating you exponentially to your next level.

This rare and extraordinary teaching style facilitates direct experience of your true nature and accelerates awakening, embodiment, soul healing capacities and self realization.

AlcheME uniquely combines powerful guided active and passive meditation, multidimensional embodiment awareness training, individualized soul classroom support, energetic transmission and awakening practices to accelerate self mastery.

Kristin takes you through the initial skills to elicit and deepen your awakening, develop your soul architecture for stabilizing transformation and guide you into joining the live burgeoning cusp of evolution together. Kristin shares her powerful and unique keys to awakening from her direct 20 year experience in AlcheME Essential, In AlcheME Initiation she provides profound transmissions and teachings that develop your foundational soul architecture to stabilize and accelerate awakening and embodiment. Advanced AlcheME training is progressive and leads to the live trainings.

Please Join me and come dive into the powerful transformational alchemy of the soul classroom and your enlightened consciousness. Together we heal root wounds — dissolve dualistic paradigms — reveal soul healing capacities — streamline direct experience of your true nature — and accelerate your awakening, embodiment, multidimensional agility, soul evolution, and self realization.

Come discover the inner Alchemist... your true nature.

Are You Ready to...
Awaken the inner Alchemist...
Embody your Enlightened Light Body and Heart...
Accelerate awakening and embodiment...
Uncover soul healing capacities...
Heal ancient wounds...
Transform reality...

Are you ready?

The AlcheME Series is designed to transform your reality exponentially and expertly through these accelerated awakening times while giving you access to powerful and reliable inner tools, clarity and grace throughout the transformational awakening process. Each unique and evolving series will deepen your inner landscape, scope of awakening and embodiment at the current growth edge of your personal life and soul evolution.

Awakened Source consciousness is amplifying in our inner realms at an astounding rate to support your awakening now. The  inner call to awaken and remember your True Nature and stunning innate Magnificence is upon us. So, chances are, if you're reading this right now you are already "remembering" and hearing the inner call to deepen and accelerate your self remembering.

Please join me in this powerful, life altering series to develop the foundational skills to accelerate and embody your awakening and your self realization in 2021. Each of these powerful courses have been life changing for many.

The program:

Begin your journey now with AlcheME Essentials & AlcheME Initiation
Prerequisites for Advanced & Mastery AlcheME (TBA)

AlcheME Training is a combination of live recorded video teachings and transmissions, that lead to progressive live participation.

AlcheME Essentials - Video

Essential tools for everyone from beginner to advanced to streamline and deepen awakening

AlcheME Initiation - Video

Energetic Foundations and Soul Architecture for accelerating Awakening
   ∙ Includes LIVE ZOOM Weekend Intensive participation, Summer 2022. TBA!
   ∙ Unlocks access to purchase Advanced AlcheME Video Trainings.
   ∙ Unlocks access to join ongoing progressive LIVE AlcheME Training.

Advanced AlcheME I : Manifesting Evolution - Video

Embody your higher manifestation capacities and transform your inner and outer reality.

Advanced AlcheME II : Being a Living Harmonic - Video

Harmonize and synthesize your higher consciousness, light bodies and physical body

Advanced AlcheME III : Radiant Diamond Self - LIVE Zoom, Apr. 2022

Embody unified consciousness through your diamond self crystalization

Advanced AlcheME IV : LIVE - TBA ~ Sept. 2022

AlcheME Essentials ~ Keys to Awakening
Video Now Available !

Learn Kristin’s timeless unique tools to both initiate and deepen awakening. AlcheME Essentials teaches you Kristin's specific foundational step by step awakening practices from 20 yrs of direct experience and expertise. Learn the specific focus and surrender tools needed to elicit and deepen your awakening. You will streamline your capacity to penetrate through the veils of consciousness to access your Higher Self and navigate your life with ease and grace. Through AlcheME Essentials your focus and meditation will deepen and you will learn identification surrender skills to transform your life and prepare for AlcheME Initiation.

∙ Basic tools for awakening and beginning your AlcheMe journey

7 Potent 2+ hrs recorded live sessions


AlcheME Initiation~ Accelerating Evolution

AlcheME Initiation gives you the inner energetic foundation and soul architecture to rapidly accelerate your awakening and multidimensional embodiment. Dive into the powerful transformational field of the soul classroom and your enlightened consciousness to exponentially accelerate your soul's growth, awakened embodiment and multidimensional consciousness. AlcheME Initiation prepares you for Advanced AlcheME and joining the ongoing progressive LIVE AlcheME Training. (Prerequisite for Advanced AlcheME Videos and LIVE trainings)

∙ 12 Extremely Powerful recorded live sessions + 2 bonus sessions

14 Potent 2.5 hrs recorded live sessions


Dive deeper with Advanced and Mastery AlcheME

(2024 Access & Live Participation TBA)


Advanced AlcheME Trainings

Advanced AlcheME I : Manifesting Evolution ~ Video Training

Discover and explore the inseparability of manifesting and Being. Embody your higher manifestation capacities and catalyze your next uplevelling of embodiment, awakening and conscious co-creation of your life. Continue to streamline and accelerate your divine self realization and increase the bliss in your life.

Advanced AlcheME II: Harmonizing Multidimensional Embodiment ~ Being a Living Harmonic
~ Video Training

This exquisite series focuses on harmonizing and synthesizing your dimensional light bodies and higher consciousness with your physical and soul body into daily life. Higher octaves of consciousness have come into human accessibility and are now part of the Soul Classroom. This offers even greater growth and healing opportunity than in previous courses.

We are frequency light beings. We are the living harmonies of love, light, wisdom and infinite grace. We are the resonating love light frequency threads that weave our bodies and existence into being. In Advanced AlcheME II you will resonate, harmonize and synthesise at your highest possible frequency, and receive the guidance and support to open and integrate beyond your wildest dreams.

Advanced AlcheME III ~ Radiant Diamond Self ~ Video Training

AlcheME Trainings are cutting edge progressive life transforming journeys. Join the trailblazers and Kristin in Advanced AlcheME III as we manifest our Higher Selves into being.

Mastery AlcheME Trainings

Mastery AlcheME I : Love Eternal ~ Video Training

Come dive into your Divine Self and expand, ground and circulate the Infinite Love you ARE through all dimensions, all cells, all aspects, all multiverses and beyond and nourish every single atom of yourself and the universe. This course will build on itself and strengthen your capacity to radiate and sustain love for yourself and all beings beyond your wildest imaginings. Prepare to be saturated with divine wisdom, healing transformation and Infinite Love. You are ready

Mastery AlcheME II: Love Embodied ~ Video Training

During the course of the training we will add new practices that expand and ground unconditional love through your whole being. The transmissions will expand your conscious awareness and help you sustain living from your awakened heart. And together with exercises and weekly transmissions you will deepen your understanding of and experience of what it is to literally BE love embodied as you.

Mastery AlcheME III: Singing Chalice ~ Video Training

Mastery AlcheME III offers the support on all levels to help bring you to what I am calling the Singing Chalice where you are the living singing vessel of the love you truly are. We will be working with the subtle aspects of your being to continue to help calibrate you to the highest level of embodied love possible for each of you. It may look and feel different for everyone, but together we will be holding a profound level of divine consciousness for each of us to be nourished, transform, and radiate for the world.

“I’m given the keys to the Kingdom. I’m no longer reliant on external techniques or tools - I can now tap into the Source of all those tools. AlcheMe truly delivers!” ~ A.M.

“Kristin has a gift for expressing the inexpressible.”
Rick Archer ~ Host of Buddha at the Gas Pump


"AlcheME is a master class for opening to one’s depth. Immersing oneself in AlcheMe literally gives oneself keys to the universe. Kristin’s powerful presence and beautiful, articulate, attuned guidance is invaluable support for learning how to unlock the inner realms"


"Working with Kristin has blown my Mind quite literally! My mind (along with its self-judgment of “not good enough”, self-criticism and “pressure to get it right”) has stepped aside and become a tool again, instead of Being the Boss. This is a direct result of who Kristin is and how she works. "


"What is specifically unique and great about working with Kristin is she just has some capacity to flow some serious transmission mojo."


"The profundity of how working with Kristin has over time altered me providing new levels of confidence, calm and groundedness, as well higher attuning abilities is such a gift. Kristin has a level of PRESENCE that few embody and it’s an honor to be in her energies each week and with the recordings. The true sense of the title of this class “AlcheME” is taking place for me."


"My life experiences deepened considerably and intensified my love for my plants and my zest for life. You get a much more relaxed relationship with problems. You find your childhood “joy for no reason” again."


"AlcheME is training me to hold awareness at different octaves simultaneously. It’s one thing to be hanging out in the heavens all the time but to bring heaven to earth so to speak and to hold all those views simultaneously is… well, that’s the good stuff right there !"


AlcheME provides professional awakening guidance, profound transformational healing support and limitless, exponential growth opportunities for your soul.

Learn How To:

• Accelerate and stabilize awakening
• Consistently access your Enlightened Self and True Nature
• Engage your infinite wisdom for healing, evolution and transformation
• Maintain inner balance through dynamic transformation and growth
• Develop inner perception and innate healing capacities
• Access, develop and embody your awakened and multidimensional awareness
• Transform and surrender through the conditioned sense of self
• Nurture and evolve your embodiment

Benefits of AlcheME Training

  •   ~ Experience your True Nature and multidimensional being

  •   ~ Transform egoic conditioning and identification

  •   ~ Synthesis enlightened awareness and embodied presence

  •   ~ Restore and evolve thoughts and emotions to enlightened frequencies

  •   ~ Dissolve conditioning and blueprints of suffering separation and duality

  •   ~ Transform the subtle body structures to embody light

  •   ~ Develop powerful inner transformational capacities

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so extraordinary and rare about AlcheME courses?
What is the Soul Classroom?
What is the difference between Live Stream Healings & AlcheME Training Programs?
Is this for ME?
Are there Pre-requisites?
Does this course teach me to be multidimensional?

My Commitment & Cost:

"Your classes have changed my life."
Monica M, Educator

Additional Benefits for Professionals & Healing Practitioners

~ Learn how to reliably align with your enlightened self
~ Cultivate consistent access to your unique brilliance
~ Discover and apply new therapeutic soul gifts in your profession and daily life

AlcheME Initiation and Advanced AlcheME offer great benefit to those in a healing profession. It does this by opening you more deeply to your limitless unique expression of Source  Your hidden gifts come forward naturally, your unique talents are enhanced, your gifts begin to exponentially expand. AlcheME is a personal development program which allows all types of professionals to benefit from the inner alchemy advancement to directly apply to your own profession.

AlcheME Initiation and Advanced AlcheME are phenomenal professional development trainings for therapists, healers and practitioners whose profession engages deep listening, and multi-sensory capacities. This includes, but is not limited to: Energy healer, remote healer, Reiki practitioner, quantum touch healer, spiritual teacher, chi gong teacher, sound healer, acupuncturist, somatic therapist, psychotherapist, flower essence practitioner, psychic and intuitive healer, yoga teacher, massage therapist, bodyworker, midwife, homeopath, hospice support, trauma therapist, animal communicator, and more.

Additional Benefits for Professionals & Healing Practitioners

  •   ~ Expand your professional in-person and long distance healing capacities

  •   ~ Discover, strengthen and expand your current and hidden healing abilities

  •   ~ Develop multidimensional perception

  •   ~ Develop greater confidence, inner authority and trust in your gifts

  •   ~ Access a greater depth of your soul wisdom and inner mastery

  •   ~ Actualize your enlightened potential more fully

  •   ~ Learn exponentially with hundreds of guides and multiple souls in the soul classroom

Additional Details for Professionals

Soul Classroom Benefits for Practitioners
Professional Testimonial
Is AlcheME a Healing Method?

More Testimonials

"Your classes have changed my life."
Monica M, Educator

"The AlcheME class has been a great joy to participate in. Its definitely seemed to contribute to a deepening of the experience of Awakening and Embodiment, as well as helped to deepen some of the work I do as a healer. I definitely got my moneys worth. Highly recommended!"


"Receiving transmissions from Kristin, while being immersed in the AlcheME class group energy, has lead to potent spiritual experiences. It has been a blessing!"


"AlcheME Multidimensional Embodiment Training challenged me to accept my own unique brilliance and gave me a potent logically structured pathway to deepen my inner experience, step by step.The course released my resistance. I now experience Unity where before it was a concept. And with that comes joy, serenity and compassion.Every time I listen to the recording, I get more, and I feel the transmission every time. I get new insights every time I listen to it. So I can’t say too much good about it."


"I entered the class as a beginner and I am amazed at how much I have learned."


"I spent many years in India, and sat with a number of Indian saints.  People gather around these beings because of the energetic field that surrounds them.  Kristin has the same ability, to generate a powerful field of energy that can transform those around her."


"The enormity of Kristin's devotion and her multi-dimensional living, both encourage me to deepen my own practice and remind me to be gentle on myself. I look forward to all further AlcheME offerings."


A few words from Kristin

About Kristin

Kristin is an international healer and teacher who embodies and illuminates the inseparable union of awakening, multidimensional embodiment, transformational healing and self-realization. She offers extraordinary support for your awakening process by sharing her rare gift of multidimensional lucidity to guide and harmonize consciousness transformation.

Kristin’s authenticity and heart centered presence reside in direct experience independent of any spiritual tradition. With contagious inspiration and enthusiasm, she articulates the ineffable and emanates a powerful healing transmission to illuminate and transform your inner reality.

In loving compassionate engagement, Kristin meets your mind, heart and soul through your multidimensional nature and unfolding stages of awakening, integration and self-realization.

Kristin offers online and in person awakening embodiment training programs, retreats, live stream events, and healing sessions internationally to support and facilitate embodied awakening, self-realization, personal transformation and multidimensional lucidity for individuals, groups and organizations. She is currently writing two books.

* Many Thanks to Marshall Lefferts for the use of his image with permission granted for a few alterations.