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Kristin offers one or two corporate packages per year

Please contact Kristin for a 30 min discovery Zoom session to explore the benefits and possibilities.


Business, Corporation and Organization Sessions heal and transform the inside "hidden" forces of nature and consciousness that powerfully shape your B/C/O’s performance, productivity and personal satisfaction in ways most typically cannot see.

Kristin sees and directly addresses these seemingly “hidden” aspects that limit or enhance your ventures, delivering a cutting edge advantage to transform your B/C/O into its highest thriving potential.

Corporate Sessions with Kristin: transform the underlying karma and human conditioning woven through "unseen realms"; restore balance to individuals and the energetic structures and signature blueprint of the company; and heal the imbalances and limiting patterns that negatively impact the free flow of success, satisfaction and positive influence in the world. 

When a B/C/O is aligned in its highest capacity it serves humanity and all those involved and generates a palpable force of positivity and prosperity in all directions.

Healthy aligned businesses THRIVE on any size scale while positively influencing local and global communities creating multiple levels of abundance and positivity. Prosperity comes in many forms such as financial stability, financial growth, personal satisfaction, contribution to humanity, cohesive positive work environment and freedom of time.

Please contact Kristin for a 30 min discovery Zoom session to explore the benefits and possibilities.



"Kristin has an uncanny capacity to read my colleagues, clients and staff and help me navigate my next strategic move."

— C.M., Business Consultant / Construction Analyst



Consulting and healing sessions for B/C/O’s can be tailored to meet your needs whether you are aiming to heal your B/C/O, company environment, individuals or institute a
spiritual/mindfulness/personal growth/awaken education program.

Please fill out the inquiry form to share your goals and to assess whether a 30 min complimentary phone consult is appropriate to explore the possibilities.

Businesses, Corporations and Organizations Questionnaire Design your tailored B/C/O transformation program with Kristin Kirk

To begin your exploration with Kristin to transform your B/C/O please fill out the following Questionnaire. Programs can include up to 30 hours a week of specialized Zoom consultation, training, assessment, healing and development sessions. Please inquire about scalable utilities energy saving device.

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