Healing Sessions


Healing sessions with Kristin:

• directly support awakening, multidimensional integration, self realization, embodiment and enlightenment
• heal and transform the underlying conditioning that leads to pain and suffering
• enlighten and transform misconceptions about reality and the nature of who you really are
• support access and integrate of your true nature into your daily life
• uplevel and recalibrate your Soul capacity to manifest your highest goals and desires
• guide and teach your Soul directly and specifically at your specific cutting edge of growth and evolution
• raise your frequency and uplevel your game You are invited to join Kristin in this evolutionary transformational healing field.

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Monthly Healing

Monthly healing sessions offer a potent and transformative 90 minute to 2 hours healing immersion (date announced monthly):

• live stream and remote
• video playback access for one month
• special sacred locations held in person or through conference call


September Live Stream Healing

Date to be announced


Regular Monthly healing sessions are available 1 month after the live stream in the Monthly Healing Video Library

Special series sessions are available 1 month after the live stream in Video Library


Remote Healing Immersions During Retreats
( retreats suspended until further notice)

Remote sessions are received through an energetic transmission without your physical presence in the venue or watching the live stream video. Kristin holds you within the healing field and even though you are not hearing or seeing Kristin, you are receiving an energetic transmission. Remote participants often share their testimonials of a wonderful effect of these sessions with us.


Individual Healing Sessions and Intensives

Private Sessions and personal retreats are now available in person at sacred sites on Kauai !

Individual sessions are available through Private Intensives on Kauai as well as in limited quantity in conjunction with book donations.

Private Sessions and Intensives on Kauai

Private Sessions Through Donations ( Tier 2 )

Semi-Private Retreats


Family & Corporate Healing Sessions & Intensives

Sessions for families and corporations are beyond your imaginings. Individual patterns and family patterns are interwoven karmically. Working with multiple family members at a time can create exponential and lasting transformation for each family member and for the family dynamic. Businesses and Corporations have their own signature blueprint and business karma which is interwoven with owners and the individuals involved. Business and corporate sessions offer in house transformation and efficiency as well as a multidimensional cutting edge to creativity, management and growth. ( MORE details at the bottom of (Tier 3) ).

Private Intensives on Kauai

Private Intensives In Your Home Or Business (Tier 3)