Healing Sessions ~ Transform wounds into Radiance

Are you ready? This is very real and possible and happening for many.

You are warmly invited …

~ Would you like to heal and transform the origin your pain…. while experiencing your wholeness and enlightened self?

~Would you like to rest and receive within an infinite field of love, wisdom and healing transformation…. while being held and supported by Source, your enlightened self, hundreds of healing Guides and me?

~ Would you like to experience multidimensional healing and feel yourself exponentially heal and expand…..while you embody the infinite ?


Whether we are awake or not, there can be persistent and painful patterns of old ways that sneak up out of nowhere… or run quietly in the empty or busy background limiting our joy.

We can feel broken or lost even though we may “know” we are whole. Life can be so challenging that the residue from our painful experiences remains, coloring and limiting our new experiences. We can forget who and what we truly are.


~Would you like to open your heart and bask in your enlightened self while your pain and suffering transform to enlivened wholeness, freedom and joy?

~Would you like to experience healing alchemy that amplifies conscious access to your enlightened nature, and transforms your personal and collective conditioning, soul patterns and wounds of many lifetimes simultaneously?


If yes, please join me for these extraordinary healing sessions where we gather with a multitude of Guides and meet your deepest wounds and desires in an enlightening embrace that amplifies and accelerates your healing, transformation and self discovery.

You are warmly invited to rediscover your infinite magnificence inside. Come dive into the evolutionary transformational healing field of your enlightened self and infinite possibility with me each month for a powerful live stream healing or create your own tailored healing intensive.


Healing sessions with Kristin provide a clear and loving alchemical embrace to powerfully accelerate your evolution, awakening and healing.

Healing sessions with Kristin:

• directly supports your awakening, embodiment and enlightenment
• heals underlying conditioning of pain and suffering
• dissolves misconceptions about reality and the nature of who you really are
• supports access and integration of your true nature into your daily life
• uplevel and recalibrate your Soul’s capacity to manifest your highest goals and desires
• guides and teaches your Soul directly and specifically at your personal cutting edge of growth and evolution
• raises your frequency and increases life’s miraculous possibilities

See more videos about healing sessions

Are you ready to Receive, Heal and Transform in the powerful brilliance of your enlightened Self?


Join me for our next Live Monthly Healing

We meet once a month through live stream offering a potent and transformative 90 minute transmission immersion and teaching. (date announced monthly)

November Live Stream Healing
Nov. 13th, 2021 10am-11:30am HI time


December 11th, 2021
Registration Opens in Dec!


• live stream and remote
• video playback access is available 1 month after the live stream at which point it can be found in the Monthly Healing Video Library


Individual Healing Sessions and Private Intensives

Individual Sessions and private retreats are available in person at sacred sites on Kauai. Please inquire.
And, individual sessions are available in limited quantity through zoom or phone in conjunction with book donations in the link below.

Private Sessions Through Donations ( Tier 2 )


Family & Corporate Healing Sessions & Intensives

Sessions for families and corporations are beyond your imaginings. Individual patterns and family patterns are interwoven karmically. Working with multiple family members at a time can create exponential and lasting transformation for each family member and for the family dynamic.

Businesses and Corporations have their own signature blueprint and business karma which is interwoven with owners and the individuals involved. Business and corporate sessions offer in house transformation and efficiency as well as a multidimensional cutting edge to creativity, management and growth.

Private Intensives for your Family Or Business (Tier 2 & 3)