Healing Water Details


Here are directions for receiving your healing water.

I need your name and email so I can reach you. Payment can be made on the store page or the previous healing water page.

You provide the cleanest water you have access to. (Not distilled) For the personalized healing water the energetic templates will be checked daily and changed daily or as needed. You might receive the same frequency for a day or two if it takes a little time for you to integrate it. Healing water that is not personalized stays the same and can be shared with others from your container.  Directions for receiving each are the same.

You can leave the bottle empty over night and fill it in the morning, or leave it freshly filled the night before ready for the morning. (It is okay if you forget. Just dump yesterdays water out in the morning, rinse and then fill.) Let your bottle of good clean water sit for 10-20min before drinking if you fill it fresh in the morning.

There are three things that you need to do. One is to be precisely clear about which bottle you are using for receiving the healing water. I am accessing your water bottle through you. And, two, to open to and invite your receiving of the healing water. And three, to offer a heartfelt acknowledgment of having received it.  Glass is preferable.