Kalachakra 2011 Washington D.C.

The Kalachakra is an ancient 12 day Tibetan Buddhist ritual which was orchestrated by the Dalai Lama and many other monks for peace and enlightenment for the world in Washington D.C.

June, 2011.

Each singular syllable of the Kalachakra chanting carried the collectively attained consciousness of uncounted hours of personal daily meditation, devotion, practice and prayer. Every single resonance through time and space, offered a gift not humanly achievable in one lifetime. To receive the gift of consciousness from another’s daily practice, was quite a gift enough, but to receive it collectively, to receive the thousands of accumulated hours of meditation beyond any one lifetimes capacity in every single tone was beyond measure. This gift of the weaving voice of the Kalachakra was already priceless, and yet what was woven, the ancient Kalachakra, carried this gift beyond time and space and continues to facilitate in the enlightenment for all humanity and all beings everywhere.

As oneness, I was the chant, I was the chanting, I was the combined still mind of a hundred monk’s daily practices, I was this gift of consciousness collectively generated through sound and syllable, I was the blood coursing through veins, pumping enlightenment through all hearts. I was Washington D.C. and the water fountains joyously bubbling and purifying the people and the city. I was the Kalachakra and the sand and the mandala. I was the Dalai Lama, I was you and All named were one and the same. My blood, the chant, your heart, the culmination and essence of thousands of uncounted prayerful days, were all one seamless profound happening. This is a literal description of my experience, not figurative.

The experience in the stadium for me was astounding. I realize my multidimensional awareness may be challenging for some to understand or believe. Even so, I find I must express in fullness of what I saw. I had never witnessed a multidimensional weaving of such magnitude and grandeur and service. I witnessed over 1,000 beings in multiple dimensions involved in the co-creation of the Kalachakra and the sand mandala. The magnitude and scope of the weaving through dimensions was astonishing. Dieties that I have only seen in pictures were up close, personal and inside transforming me and everyone that was willing. Dieties I had never seen before appearing in full regalia, with such detail I could pick them out of books later on. The orchestration and creation of the energetic structural components of the ritual created through dimensions were immense and highly detailed. Powerful dieties, wrathful dieties, small dieties, gentle dieties, compassionate dieties all tending to fine details throughout creation and all realms reachable for the healing and enlightenment of all beings. It is hard to express the enormity, benevolence and power of the ritual.

Personally, through my awakening path, many deep truths had already been realized. What was new in my personal awareness was that an intense concentric force was gathering, the gravity of consciousness manifesting, drew into itself my mind, my soul, and my will. All experienced parts of the individually experienced ‘self ‘turned inside out. What was experienced then as ‘self’ was pure presence, pure love, the expanse of infinite existence resting as non-existent. This self looked out of every pore with no location. And yet this non location also rested in though the core flow of my being. This self was love, looked with love, the looking was love, everything looked at was love. There was no interest in the meanderings of mind, and so it stopped meandering. There was only interest in the presence of being, in the present exquisiteness of being.

The gift from the Dali Lama and of the Kalachakra speak to the times we are in and the truth of us all. It did not matter that I knew absolutely nothing about Tibetan Buddhism to experience and be a part of such a profound sacred and beneficent ritual. It does not matter what name you call God. We are all Love.